Face in the Crowd

No matter where we roam out there, to others it’s easy to understand why we can be seen as a face in the crowd. One of a sea of faces that passes through life in the blink of an eye. Each face, having its own story to tell, unique unto itself.

Society casually assigns us a number to be placed on our heads and written down on many documents, like social security, drivers license, bank accounts, etc. It comes as no surprise that after awhile we feel expendable. Just another number….in a crowd called humanity. At this point we could all sit back, accept this classification, and trot on down the road of life. I don’t know about you, but I see my life as far more meaningful than this.

Each life is sacred…..a miracle with each breath. It can never be taken for granted, and the efforts put forth can affect many. We are more than numbers crunched in a computer that is spit out at random. We live, we breathe, we help, we hurt, we struggle, we overcome. Acts that are far more profound than a series of numbers. A person is more than a face in the crowd. We can never forget the importance of each individual life.

Fame and fortune are fleeting…….the little guy/girl too shapes the world. Society has no problem putting each one of us on a certain level, or in a specific group, based on economics, country, or religion. I say throw away the levels….they are meaningless and destructive. The child starving in Afghanistan is your child…..the shepherd in Istanbul is your brother, the old woman making millions in her money market in England is your aunt, the addict crossing the border into Canada is your sister……all of us are interconnected……just by virtue of being human beings on one planet. All faces in the crowd….rubbing shoulders anonymously.

We can never forget the good that one life can do. Hey, it’s easy to be reminded each night on the evening news the destructiveness of mankind…..but far too little airtime is given to the miracles that are created daily. So-called simple people making a difference. Each life has a purpose beyond the crowd.

Seize the day,

love, Jennifer Avalon
© 2001 Jennifer Avalon

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