Citizens of the Universe

We go about our daily lives with, in most cases, blinders on, to get through. We only let in a certain amount of information that comes towards us, because we have jobs and chores to do. Think of all the sounds we would actually hear if we were walking down a city street and focused just on hearing sounds…..or if we did the same thing in the countryside. It is in these moments that we become aware just how much we “tune out,” in order to function daily.

We underestimate how much we can handle, and often see ourselves as limited in our capabilities…..when in reality we were “designed” by God to be able to see, hear, breathe, pump blood, move muscles, talk, think and imagine, all at once. Pretty amazing, right? We are living miracles, and most of the time we don’t even give it a passing thought.

While we are functioning at many levels, we are existing on a globe that is spinning through space…..gravity keeping us “earthbound.” How many times do we look up at the sky and notice the stars or the moon, and realize that we are not only family members of a planet, but Citizens of a Universe? Our earth is not disconnected from any of the other planets….it functions similarly to Venus, Jupiter, Mars, etc., throughout the solar system. Yet we often feel that we are alone here on our globe, limited in our capacities, just “wheels in a cog.” Yes, we are wheels in a cog, in a sense, but look at the scope of the wheel!!!! It encompasses an entire Universe.

To accept that we are Citizens of the Universe, is to accept that we are all part of a huge system…..a system which is bound together by a certain Love and Logic. I call it God……others may have different terms for it. Science tries to break it all into mathematics…..yes, math is definitely involved, which is where some of the logic comes into play, but to explain the beauty of the interlocking parts, I believe we have to go beyond math and science, and rejoice in the Miracle.

The next time you feel hassled by the routines of life, pause and try to get near a window where you can scan the sky with your eyes…..or sit in a chair and listen to your breathing, or look at a photo of someone you love deeply. These things will remind you of the fact that you are part of a much Bigger Picture…..a Member and Citizen of the Universe, with a passport given to you at birth. You are awarded a visa everytime you remember this………

Enjoy the journey,
love, Jennifer Avalon
© 2001 Jennifer Avalon

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