No Town Is Too Small

Can you believe there are New Yorkers who have never visited the Statue of Liberty? I’m one of them. The closest I’ve come to Lady Liberty is a ride on the Staten Island Ferry. Hopefully, I can rectify that this year. Many of us believe that the sights are all outside of our range……there’s nothing in our own world, and we have to travel to someone else’s. Nothing could be further from the truth.

We walk around our towns, walk past places of great beauty, sometimes without even batting an eyelash, taking it all for granted, and thinking that it’s nothing special, until a relative or a friend comes to visit, stops us in our tracks, and points out the wonder under our own noses.

Movies are full of famous cities of the world, leaving many with a feeling that their town doesn’t quite measure up. Each place has its own character…we just have to recognize it. It could be a small museum, regional theater, a local store, or, a place of Worship. Priceless memories are available if we only open our eyes.

Each week I try to write down something special about my town in upstate New York. Near me is Hyde Park, the home of President Roosevelt, and the Culinary Institute, a school where some of the best chefs in the world are trained. Also near me is West Point Military Academy, with halls of history. I have tried to not forget what is available for me to see and discover in my own neck of the woods. It’s not been easy….I too take things for granted. So try this week to sit down and write what is special about your town or area. Why does it always have to be that strangers sometimes see things before us? No town is too small…..they may not appear in the latest hit movie, but they are not diminished in any way of their importance.

I recently had a conversation with a man who runs the concessions for minor league baseball teams of the Chicago White Sox through the South. He said to me, “You would not believe how important minor league ball is to some communities. The whole town comes out on Saturday night and cheers and hollers as if it’s a World Series game. There’s never an empty seat in the house.” Broadway producers encourage the development of regional theaters, so that they can look for the next hit play. Towns matter…..they contribute on a grass roots level, that one day rises to center stage. I’m sure you have your own stories of how someone came out of your town or area and went on to touch the world. Each person and each town contributes…we all just have to notice.

Enjoy your town,
love, Jennifer Avalon
© 2001 Jennifer Avalon

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