The Current

I find it interesting that people who are successful in life always seem to have certain similarities. Success, most times, comes in three stages. The first stage is faith, planning, and hard work. The second stage is breaking through the walls, learning, and hard work. The third stage is momentum, connecting to what is needed, and hard work. At some point a strange thing starts to occur. Something I call, “The Current.”

What is The Current? It is a wave that builds over time, and eventually it lifts you up, carries you along, and helps you do things you never thought you could accomplish. Some of our greatest successes take place when The Current is in motion. The connection to The Current is within all of us…… all we have to do is to plug in, provide the necessary work, and lo and behold, something miraculous happens.

Athletes talk about “Being in The Zone,”….many, before they either start a race or play a game, just know they are going to succeed. It’s almost as if they already know the outcome. The Current is that powerful.
How does one get to The Current? Let’s put it this way…..when an airplane taxis down the runway, it builds up speed and takes off. At first, it experiences turbulence, but at a certain altitude, it enters cruise level….that’s where, once airborne, The Current takes over. We, too, seek to be airborne in life. The place where our wings can soar through the air.
Religions have talked about this Current through the centuries, using different metaphors and phrases. To Christians, it is the Lord Jesus Christ. To Jews, it is God. To Muslims, it is Allah. To Buddhists, it is Buddha….. many mentioning a sense of what we put out, comes back in one form or another.

Perhaps The Current provides the energy for what we have projected. There is something very mysterious about this place called Earth. Probably, there is more we have to understand than what we know. Mystery is all around us. Maybe if we understood the tools that are available to us, and how to implement them, life would not look so complicated. I believe there is a purpose for us being here, and The Current is there to provide knowledge and motion.

So flows the current,
Jennifer Avalon
© 2001 Jennifer Avalon

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