The Open Hand

The most powerful expression in the world is the open hand. It represents sensitivity, love, strength, and compassion. When the hand is open, the soul is revealed. It has the ability to give, as much as it takes.

When a child is born, it seeks protection, love and care. It looks for someone to show it the way. The parent’s open hand can provide what’s needed. Only when the hand is closed is damage done. During the turmoil of the teenage years, the mind seeks out understanding and has the longing to belong. When the teenager goes astray, the open hand can help heal the wounds and show the correct path to continue. As we seek out a partner to share life with, we look for someone who understands how we see the world, and the accomplishments we would like to make. Hopefully, we find the open hand that can help us along the way. When we ourselves become parents, we must always remember to reach out our hands to the ones that we love.

Friends, brothers and sisters, exchanging daily handshakes, sometimes not realizing the power of expression. The human hand can give so much love, and deliver so much pain. Only when we open our hands do we truly know what it is to be alive. The lines across our palms tell many stories……the history of our lives written on our hands.

Isn’t it amazing…..could it possibly be that when we pass on, the first thing that is said to us is, “Let me see your hands?” My my…..what a story each hand can tell. The power of the open hand is born with us……and leaves with us. No two hands are alike…..but each one can change the world.
The open hand…..the open heart…..the eternal soul…..

may your hands stay open,
Jennifer Avalon
© 2001 Jennifer Avalon

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