New Beginnings

The past couple of months has been a time of change for me. I have made my music available through a new arrangement with, I have started a new radio show called “Walk of Life,” and after several years with AOL I have moved my e-mail correspondence to Hotmail. Through all this, I have learned never to have all your eggs with one company. Quite a few changes, huh?

When I started all this it was always my goal for my music and words to be available for free. Now I know artists and writers need money to survive….thankfully, over the past few years many of you have embraced my music and writings. Nevertheless, I have always thought about a person with little means having the chance to access music and words for free. Knowledge should never be totally based on money. Finally, technology and the Internet are coming to grips with that perspective. For me, MP3 gives me the ability to allow the whole world to access my work, and allowing the listener to decide whether they want to purchase or download, while paying me per listener.

Where will this Jennifer Avalon Newsletter end up? Hopefully, it would be wonderful to broadcast a live, or taped, video streamed program from my livingroom. Impossible, you may ask? Within the next 18 months, it may become a reality. How about that? Getting invited through the Internet for dinner at Jennifer’s house around eightish? (ha!) I would love to have you there:)

Each essay, every week, will now be available at the “Walk of Life” radio station, which includes past essays, music, and hopefully soon, a little poetry to go with it. For me, very new beginnings. A great way for me to extend an open hand.

Jennifer Avalon
© 2001 Jennifer Avalon

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