The Game

Each week I write a newsletter that goes out to 65 countries, to Muslims, Jews, Christians, Buddhists, etc. The past month the e-mails I have received are unbelievable. We may feel we are so different, yet when we peel back the layers, we are all the same. The world wants peace. The world wants love. The world is hurting. If we continue on the road that we are on, peace, love, and tranquility are at stake.

The life that we live these days is a chess game. One opponent makes a move, while the other answers. The world watches, while the game unfolds, each side believing that they are superior. The game goes on…..move by move…..while the clock ticks. Finance, fear, blood, and war mingle within our game, while all the while the foundation of why the game has commenced is never discussed. “Mum” is the word….all that seems important is that the game is taking place, and it continues. But the foundation and the creation of the game is vital. At this point in time the word “Why?” has become silent. Unfortunately, eventually, the sound of why will become deafening.

On we go with our game of chess….where intellect is supposed to prevail. The warrior locks hands with the mind. One chooses war, while the other chooses arbitration. I submit both. If arbitration is exhausted, and fails, then by all means choose war. If at that point intellect and compassion disintegrates, then fire all weapons, because, we as a society have no answers.

Many people have lost lives on both sides. Hate multiplies with time. Misunderstanding + hate = war. The game goes on….when it ends, nobody knows. I am not a “peacenik”…I am a realist. One + one equals two. Always has….always will.

So, with this newsletter I would like to throw coins into the fountain, and make a wish that all of the most powerful countries in the world sit around a dinner table with those who have grievances. As each one agrees to sit at the table, they forfeit the right to walk out. Those that do walk out are shunned by the rest of the world…..period. Then, the light has been shone on the darkness… more secrets. Solutions should not result in extermination. Blood has never brought about lasting peace. What we have to bring about is the spotlight on those who do not want a peaceful world.

If the three main religions of the world truly believe in God, then God is not prejudiced. He nurtures Muslims, Christians, Jews, Buddhists, etc. All are His children. If this is not acceptable to any group, then they have to be held in the light, and seen for all the world to observe. This is our planet…..and our goal is to come together. It is not lame…it is realistic.
We love…..we live,
we hate…..we die,
Jennifer Avalon
© 2001 Jennifer Avalon

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