Celebrate the Season

The most important aspect to remember this holiday season, is that we are mere mortals. We cannot control everything and everyone…..but we do have a say over our own lives. It has been easy to take each year’s festivities for granted…looking at them as just one more turn of the wheel. Unfortunately this year, with all that is going on, that can no longer be so.

The simple things have now become the most important. The gifts that we give are no longer determined by the price we have paid. I myself find it very comforting when the evening comes, to dim the lights, put on some relaxing music, and light a fire in my fireplace. What this gives me I cannot buy. Simple, but fulfilling. Inviting friends or family over to share stories and spread good cheer is always uplifting. When one looks at life this way, each day becomes a treasure. Hot drinks, warm fires, smiling faces and good food….now we’re talking! 🙂

Shopping is still a wonderful experience….yet this year, home, for the holidays, has become more profound. Perhaps Frank Sinatra said it best in one of his songs, “It’s so nice to go traveling, but it’s oh so nice to come home.” This holiday season, hopefully, we embrace what matters the most….the love within us, and the love around us. Even if one is alone, watching a good movie on a soft couch can do wonders. For many, priorities have changed.

Love, warmth, comfort, and peace…..these are the elements that must surround our lives. The more of these we have, the more content and happy we will be. Experiencing and sharing life is what it’s all about. The world has changed, and it’s time for all of us to count our blessings.

Blessings to all,
Jennifer Avalon
© 2001 Jennifer Avalon

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