The world lost a very rare human being this week. Someone who worked hard, rose to fame, and while, at his peak, walked away to chart new courses. Yes, George Harrison continued to record music…it is rumored that he has stockpiled over four albums of new material, but, the search for spiritual fulfillment and inner peace took center stage.

As George mused in a recent interview, “Money is wonderful, you get to go to the Bahamas, but, if that’s all there is, it can leave you feeling kind of empty.” George searched for God in just about everything he did. I always looked upon him as the Beatle’s “secret weapon.” Sure, John and Paul were great songwriters, but you never quite knew with each album, what George would bring to the table. Guitars, sitars, and eventually, the first versions of synthesizers, George dragged in to Beatle sessions. If you listen closely to Abbey Road, sprinkled among the tracks are the sounds of the synthesizer….used sparingly, but quite effectively.

For me, I will always remember the spiritual side of George Harrison the most. We are all on a search to try to figure this place called Earth out….its mysteries, ups and downs, puzzles the mind. As George said, “Death and what comes after is what really matters….all the rest is secondary.” I agree with this…the more we understand death, the more we are alive. Towards the end of his life, George reflected, “All that matters is the search for God, and to love one another.” George made mistakes…we all make mistakes….but the quest and the search for what we are and why we are here is the key. That journey we travel until the day we die. It’s not about money….it’s not about fame….it’s about love, evolving, and leaving the world a better place for having been here. George did that, and so must we.

Rest In Peace,
love, Jennifer Avalon
© 2001 Jennifer Avalon

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