Lessons Learned

As we progress through life, we accumulate experiences that we use to help us evaluate future decisions……all of the mountains and valleys that we have crossed to get to where we are now. Some prevail, some are engulfed in fear, some overcome, and some quit. The lessons learned become chapters of the Book of Our Lives. Still, as we soldier on, we are always amazed of what can come before our eyes.

As much as we fuel our strengths in this game of life, we sometimes spend much time on repairing the damage that we have incurred along the way. Some of us seek out work, hobbies, and vocations to justify our existence. Sadly, others choose the road of self-centeredness, manipulation, and thievery as vehicles to prove a distorted sense of intellect. I witnessed once in a store a lady cruising the aisles shopping and at certain points, stopping to take an item and place it in her pocket. When she approached the checkout counter, the manager went over to her and said, “Madam, why do you continue to come into this store and try to steal?” Her answer was silence. A couple of years later, when the lady died, it was discovered through the newspaper that her bank account held over two million dollars. The question is, what happened to that woman along the way to make her behave so poorly? I’m sure you yourself have your testimonies to add to this story. We have all met people like that.

In our society, the line between thievery and good business decisions can get pretty blurry. In life, it can get really hard sometimes to decide where that decision crosses over from being good business, to thievery, and the acceptability of society with that exchange. What lessons do we learn? Hopefully, ones that can help us tell the difference between the two.

The road of life has stop signs, fast lanes, curves and corners. It’s nice to make stops along the way….the trick is not to leave behind a piece of your soul in doing so. The fuel that we use should remain as pure as possible, so that our engines remain clean and that we reach our destination safely.

Drive safely,
love, Jennifer Avalon
© 2001 Jennifer Avalon

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