Same Time Next Year

This holiday season we get together with family and loved ones to embrace and celebrate a Holy Season. Many of us tend to assume that the same people will come back year after year, until one year we look around and see that someone is missing. Each year as we get older we come to realize that taking it all for granted may not be so wise. Little did we know this time last year what 2001 had in store for us all.

So as we sit around the table, chow down on the latest feast, gaze into each other’s eyes, let’s not forget to hold hands and give thanks for our Blessings. For many, life this year has taken on a whole new meaning. Only the Fool can now take it all for granted. Presents may be plentiful, but that extra kiss and hug means more now than ever, and it’s okay to say, “I’m here if you need me.”
One can no longer go through this season anymore without thinking about the year ahead. What will 2002 bring us? Celebrations? Promotions? Raises? or more of what we have struggled through since September 11th. I believe 2002 will bring us all alot closer, regardless of what happens. Each year they announce on television the most popular toys and gifts of the season. This year, surprise, surprise….it may end up being Love.

I wish you and yours the best of the season….and a healthy and happy 2002. May Love be your Main Course……..

Bon Appetit,
love, Jennifer Avalon
© 2001 Jennifer Avalon

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