If we look at ourselves as a group of individual seeds that spring forth from growth, like a plant or a tree, our lives can be understood with greater meaning. The tree that grows starts out as a delicate branch that over time chooses its direction to expand, while being influenced by its environment. So too do we. The marriage of choice and influence prevails. Our hopes, dreams, weaknesses and failures can also be examined by the seeds that are planted. Choice and influence comes into play here too. Then to understand what grows, one must examine the seeds that are planted.

The roots are the foundation of life here on earth. The stronger the roots, the healthier the growth. Some choose to plant Love…..others decide on Hate. As the seeds grow, we bear witness to how much Love has been planted, or Hate. I see Hate as a product of Mankind, and Love, as a voice of Heaven. We are supposed to live here in Love….as God’s children. Unfortunately, things don’t always go according to plan. For the Universe to exist, it has to be based on Love… each planet and Solar System must show mutual respect for one another, or, it would all collapse. It’s called the Solar System for a reason. A System based on Love. Sure planets die….while others are born…. so too do we…but, the system goes on. We mere mortals sometimes forget that we also need each other to sustain existence.

It all starts with a seed, and some roots. Good and Bad grows over time. A diseased tree sometimes can go unnoticed for years…..then one day we all wake up and say, “How did this happen???” when all the while it was happening right before our eyes. Denial is the number one enemy of Love. If we really care, we notice.

When the roots are strong and healthy, we encourage. When the roots are weak and hurting, we nurture. When the roots have died, we mourn. The Tree of Life goes on……

Plant wisely,
Jennifer Avalon
© 2001 Jennifer Avalon

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