The Best is Yet to Come

This time of the year, many people tend to get a little gloomy after all the festivities of the holidays. Some of us look at January as the beginning of another ladder that has to be climbed. For me, I look at each year as a new beginning, untouched, waiting for me to contribute.

If one was to constantly look at the bad side of Life, and the mistakes that are made, we would never be able to go forward and strike out for new territory. I choose to place mistakes on the side, learn from them, and chart ahead towards the sunnier side of life. I don’t believe we are here to beat ourselves into the floor, and to think that the best days are behind us. That doesn’t always have to be the case….the best can truly be yet to come. Many times that outcome lays in our hands.

Here in the northeast of the United States they call January the “dead of Winter.” I would like to call it the “birth of New Ideas.” As we huddle down, fight back the snow, right in front of us is a notebook and a pen where we can plan what we want to accomplish this year. Yes, there will be setbacks, but no good ideas can spring forth and grow without the occasional diversion.
So is the best yet to come, you ask? Why not? For every negative thought, there is a corresponding positive one….we choose which one to embrace. The library of our lives must develop each year…through our experiences we contribute to the shelves. With time we accumulate knowledge that we draw upon to bring us to the next level. The size of the library is determined by us….it is there for us to learn from our mistakes, and formulate new successes. Planning is everything. One who plans, can decide which direction the ship of life sails. In reality, there is no such thing as failure….it is just a way to learn and improve.

The best is yet to come….believe it, see it, seek it, embrace it, work towards it. When the positive forces prevail, the winds of tomorrow will carry you…..

Ride the wind,
love, Jennifer Avalon
© 2002 Jennifer Avalon

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