Journey to the Center

Through life, we cross over many different types of terrain. As far as we may journey, it is when we return home that we take account of what we have learned in our travels. Home is our center, where peace, purpose, spirituality and knowledge resides. Anger, insecurity, fear and hate….take us away from that center. Home is where we feel complete. While storms may rage around us, within the eye of life winds are calm.

Each day we tackle tasks, while in the evening we sit back and try to make sense of it all. Then we close our eyes and see the center beckoning for us to come for recharging, to face another day. The further we stray from that center of well-being, the more confused and baffled life becomes. Many of us have met people who are totally focused and within that center. They have a look in their eyes…a sense of peace around them. We sometimes pause in wonderment and envy, and we ask ourselves, “How do they do it? What is their secret?” While other times, we meet people engulfed in rage, trying to bite off as much as they can, traveling at an unsustainable pace. The center is where everything makes sense.

To find the center, and stay within it, takes that tricky little word, “Discipline.” The temptations to take us from the center are vast. As a wise man once said, “There ain’t no free lunch.” Once we journey away from our center, everything has a price. The woods of life are an easy place to get lost. After awhile, one cannot tell where they are going or from where they came. Then lo and behold, in the darkest night, a beacon shines to guide us home.

There truly are no mysteries….we are born, and eventually we die. The center is there for us to make sense of it all. In physical terms, the world can look, at times, like a sea of madness. Well, the wheel to sail and guide us through that sea is at the center, where the mind of God prevails. God is greater than man….though man may not think so sometimes. In the mind of God, the peaceful seas ebb and flow upon the shores of Love. The center is our island of hope and tranquility.

Head for home,
love, Jennifer Avalon
© 2002 Jennifer Avalon

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