The Code

Each week I receive e-mails that cross the boundaries of demographics, countries, and religions. All with their take and thoughts on what is going on in their lives and in their countries. It’s quite interesting for me to pull back a little, and to just look at how we are all so different, yet strangely, so alike. We all have our beliefs, while believing that our way is the correct way, and all the rest are wrong. But for this planet to survive, different viewpoints must be accepted and tolerated.

It is to this point that I am submitting the possibility of a Code. A series of thoughts and rules that are the foundation for us to consider in our lives, which passes through and acknowledges just about all the religions of the world. Why do I say, “just about?”, because there are some out there who just want us to self-destruct.

Here is the premise of The Code. The Universe is made up of planets, stars, meteorites, etc., spinning through space. In order for all of these to be sustained, there has to be some form of order, otherwise nothing would last. Sure, planets are born and die, and so too do stars, but all are able to coexist together. Here on Earth we as a people constantly debate on who is the most powerful, who’s side God is on, is my God better than your God? And my race is better than your race. What we fail to realize sometimes is that The Code applies to us too, not just the Universe.

If we are good people, do we get rewarded? Does what we do in our lives create some form of energy around us? Do bad deeds go unpunished? Are we in any way responsible for our own successes and failures? If The Code exists, and the Universe is reality, then is it too farfetched to consider that we do have a say in the outcome of our lives? Injustice exists….just as turmoil exists on the Universal plane. But does that mean that because of injustice, we must not strive to evolve and become a better people? Could it be that in God’s Wisdom, there is a series of rules that we must understand and follow here on Earth to be worthy to enter the Gates of Heaven? For if there is a Code, perhaps some have, in the past, given us some clues, like Jesus, Moses, Mohammed, Allah, etc. Why did they care so much in how we lived our lives? Many times they came to the same conclusions….

This Code flows through all men and women of Faith and Belief, that their lives matter and have a purpose, to leave the world a better place for having been here. Wouldn’t it be amazing to see or hear at a funeral the words, “The world benefited from this person’s life.” Wouldn’t that be something? What would be wrong with mentioning to children in schools all over the world that Goodness and Kindness is embraced and appreciated…and Destruction and Hate is shunned? Could we all accept just that simple premise alone? perhaps The Code does.
If some form of Code of Conduct does exist, and we do not see it or acknowledge it, what ultimately will become of us? Will people in the future have to go back to the dictionary and redefine the word “Intelligence?” Were the Holy Men from the past trying to tell us something? Or did it fall on deaf ears……I hope not.

Break bread,
love, Jennifer Avalon
© 2002 Jennifer Avalon

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