The Fortress of Temptation

Whenever we set off on our goals and dreams, once we decide what it is we wish to accomplish, instantaneously, right before our eyes, we see a minefield with a sign that says, “Don’t even think about it.” For each positive step forward, surrounding that step, like ghosts, are Shadows of Doubt. Shadows tempting us to follow them and cross over into their realm. Once we cross into the Fortress of Temptation we have surrendered our hopes and our dreams to the Graveyard of Failure and Despair.

Each time we set off on a new mission, we are trying to improve upon someone else’s idea or create one of our own. Upon the quest to fulfill the mission, we bop and weave around and through barriers….some easy, some extremely hard…until one day we reach a point where we feel we can go no further. That is when, before us, we see the Doorway to Enlightenment on one side, and the Fortress of Disillusion on the other. It is at this point where failure occurs….or miracles happen. Faith and Belief must live in every bone of our bodies so that we can overcome the obstacles before us. If we accept, refuse to quit, do our homework, something extraordinary happens. The entire Universe starts to work with us, not against us. Our dreams become elevated to a level beyond us. Just about every invention, cure, and accomplishment in life has gone through this process….all have fought through the Naysayers, the Fearful, the Disbelievers and the Fortress of Doubt. Somewhere along the way the inventors enter the Doorway of Enlightenment. What they started takes on a life of its own.

Each day we must ask ourselves, “Where am I on my mission?” Forward motion is key, until one day we reach that point where miracles happen. As any inventor will tell us, something beautiful always springs forth. And as my Grandma used to say, “A thing of beauty lasts forever.”

Jennifer Avalon
© 2002 Jennifer Avalon

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