God’s Tears

It used to be that we believed that the people with the greatest weapons could secure peace in the world. The country with the largest and most powerful military hardware would have all the answers and deliver such a potentially powerful blow that all in their presence would fear and run. History is beginning to teach us that violence does not bring about long term solutions of peace.

Since the beginning of mankind, man has solved his problems with the sword. In the year 2002, how far have we come from the caveman? With all the intellect, the inventions, the medical discoveries, the technology….are we still just a step away from a club and a savage? Is the general rule still, we sit down and talk, but if we can’t agree, we set out to kill each other? Are we still willing to let each one of our children suffer before we exhaust all other possibilities? Do we allow our egos to grow so large that we can no longer see beyond ourselves? Mankind on planet earth, 2002, still sees the sword as the last form of negotiation.

All the world watches as the conflict unfolds in the Middle East, each side believing they are right. Both sides have legitimate grievances. Regardless of how all this started, this is the cycle of violence that is in play at this point…..a suicide bomber blows themselves up in Israel…Israel in turn retaliates with weapons to strike back…..while doing so, children observing the retaliation become so enraged that they dedicate their lives to being the next wave of suicide bombers. Do you get the picture? Each side believes that they can win within the cycle. Sadly, as we are witnessing, there are no winners, just an escalation to the next level within the cycle. Like most conflicts, each side has its reasons for fighting, but if this is the solution to their problems, they will not stop until either all of the other side are dead, or a horrific event happens that will cause so much damage that the world will gasp in horror.

Two peoples praying daily to the same God….surely, there can be a better outcome? As the experts have said, including some leaders on both sides, peace is the only solution. Unfortunately, violence is being used as a road to peace. The wounds that have already been inflicted are going to take many years to heal….the longer all this goes on, the deeper the cuts. We are all God’s children….equal in the eyes of God. Each breath sacred. As God looks down on His children, He must shake His head in sadness. Each life lost brings a new tear. We have been given all the tools and intellect to make this world a paradise….yet, we refuse to evolve beyond the caveman.

I still have hope….that someone is going to emerge with a cool head and a calm voice….and say, “Enough.” As the saying goes, “sometimes it gets the darkest before the dawn.”

Dry the tears,
love, Jennifer Avalon
© 2002 Jennifer Avalon

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