Dream Weavers

As we head towards the end of a year, and the beginning of a new one, this is the time when the Dreamweavers come out of hibernation and plot their course for new directions. Each year around December, the Dreamweavers evaluate the present and past year and prepare to embark upon new dreams from seeds that they plant in January. Dreamweavers are bold, fearless, faithful people who believe anything can be accomplished with the right amount of faith, hard work, knowledge, and ability. The Dreamweaver lives in all of us…..all that is needed is for it to be awakened.

Every year we make our New Year resolutions, hoping to improve our quality of life. For the Dreamweavers, complacency is unacceptable. Each year springs forth new ideas, new hopes, new successes. They see their lives like a ladder….where each step is embraced and tackled. True Dreamweavers do not step upon the graves of others….they chart their own trails, where the air is clear and the space is wide. Dreamweavers are humble people who are fully aware that the blessings they receive are given to them so they can give something back to others.

Dreamweavers do not sacrifice their morals for material success….they try in their own small way to make the world a better place. Dreamweavers are people who realize that when the heart is not considered, the destination becomes pointless. Their minds may seek ideas, but their hearts make the choices. Thought and emotion hold equal weight. Dreamweavers believe that only positive motion can move one forward.
In these trying times, we need the Dreamweavers more than ever. They are the ones who can reinvent, seek the balance, and expose the wounds so that healing can begin. Dreamweavers come in all walks of life….firemen, police officers, craftsmen, doctors, artists, writers, etc….the common thread is that they are all able to dream the dream. Everything comes from thought….the Dreamweavers weave the thought into reality. The Dreamweaver is conscience with purpose….no dream is too small….nor too big.

Dream on….
love, Jennifer Avalon
© 2002 Jennifer Avalon

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