The Wilderness

Each one of us are born into the wilderness…a place where there are no answers, only many questions. Yes, indeed…the slate is wiped clean, for us to mold and shape throughout our lives. This wilderness is a barren land, but with each step we develop confidence that we are heading in the right direction for our final destination….Home.

Along our journey we learn skills and have experiences to get us closer and closer to our destiny. We meet up with others along the way who also seek the same path. Joining together, where once it took days to cover miles, now it takes hours. The land, that at one point was dry, dusty and empty, slowly delivers a landscape where life is plentiful and supportive. The valleys give way to glorious mountains, which too must be crossed. We climb, push on, and become stronger from the challenge. At a certain point in the journey we stop, gaze back, to see how far we have come. We feel rejuvenated, and full of Faith that we will enter the Promised Land. One more in a sea of humanity, out to prove their reason and purpose for existence. The wilderness is the environment that man must overcome to reach the Gates of Heaven.

I understand that the wilderness can be a treacherous place….where danger and the unexpected can leap out at any given moment. Deep inside, each one of us is a well of energy that only needs a spark of Faith to rise up. An oasis in the desert of Life, that will sustain us indefinitely. The tools are there to get us through. It is our job to learn how to use them. The journey home may be difficult, but not impossible. The moment we breathe Life, the journey begins. There is a reason for the road that weaves through the wilderness. It is a road that does not go on forever…it arrives at a place where Peace reigns and Love comforts.

The Promised Land awaits us all….through all of our doubts and fears, we know it is the place where we must go. It is Home. The final destination for the learned soul that has found the meaning of Love, Peace, Humanity, Sharing, Giving, and Faith. Life has meaning, and purpose. Some may falter, some may seek forgiveness, still, there is a hand reaching out through the wilderness, for the asking.

take a hand, give a hand,
love, Jennifer Avalon
© 2003 Jennifer Avalon

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