The Age of Introspection

Each decade brings its own set of gifts and obstacles. This decade, which I call “The Age of Introspection,” is delivering its fair share too. From the dust of the stock market bubble, and the ruins of the World Trade Center, the world has been thrust into the search for answers.

Each night the talking heads on television spout off their theories and expertise on who we are and where we are going. The climate of the world has changed fast. For example, on our plates this week we have had to witness the Iraqi War, and the emerging SARS epidemic. This has become the typical week….and no, you are not losing your mind if you get depressed once in awhile!:) Here in the United States the SARS crisis is a problem, but in Asia, people have become accustomed to living with face masks on. Wars and viruses…it sounds almost Biblical…perhaps…or could it be a way for us to break everything down to the ground level, so that we can see what we have forgotten? The day when a human being forgets the value of a handful of rice, is the day when our thoughts have become corrupted. As the world has become the reflection of the collective human consciousness, our individual lives manifest from the vision we create and accept in our own state of mind. The Age of Introspection is where individuals turn the microscope inward to examine their own hopes, dreams, joys, fears, and beliefs. As a wise man once said, “How can I expect you to know me, if I don’t know myself?”

We human beings can be quite remarkable people, when we put our minds to it. Together, there is no mountain that we can’t climb. Yet, when we see ourselves as separate entities, our collective thought patterns easily fall by the wayside. The more we know ourselves, the better we can be for our families, friends, and the world. It’s so simple to say “I can’t,” yet so bold to say, “I can.” Life wounds, that is why once in awhile we need to go inside, repair the damage, and head back out onto the road. A little tune-up on occasion is a good thing.

I try every day to get a little introspection. I find a quiet place with the sound of silence…meditate, and get to know myself a little better. Having a conversation with oneself can sometimes be quite beneficial!:) One thing’s for sure….each time I finish, I feel calmer and more centered. During these stressful times, the quiet moments become more precious. Introspection can help us cope with the uncertainties that surround us daily. Looking outward is easy….looking inward takes courage.

May your vision be clear,
love, Jennifer Avalon
© 2003 Jennifer Avalon

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