The Signal

Have you ever driven around in a car and turned on the radio? Sometimes, after a while the signal goes in and out until eventually you hear static. As hard as you may try, distance makes it more and more difficult to tune into the signal.

The signal is a wave that can be tuned into a given area, but once outside of that area it diminishes. I believe we too are affected by a signal, which I call the center, inner energy, or the soul. That signal or inner energy I believe is Heaven sent. It is within each one of us…all it takes is to tune in and stay in range. In life we choose where in the circumference of the signal we want to live. The closer to the signal, the stronger the vibration and energy. The further away, the power diminishes, until eventually we succumb to static. Sadly, there are quite a few people who choose the world of static, where nothing can be heard. As it may be difficult on a daily basis to stay at the generation point of the signal, over time and a little practice, it can become easier to stay close.

The signal is not an accident…it has a purpose. It is an energy that is there to help us and find peace of mind. This signal is free for the asking. It’s interesting…as we go about our day and as we interact with others, we get to see who is close to the signal, and who is not. One conclusion I have come to for myself is that to be happy, peaceful, spiritual and complete, I have to be aware of the signal. It’s all around us….within us and without us…all we have to do is tune in…like a radio dial. The signal tells us a little bit more about ourselves every day…why we are here…what we can do, and how to make the world a better place. As I may learn through life, through my personal experiences, the signal can deliver knowledge that is timeless. We are more than flesh and bone…inside each one of us is the current of Heaven. That current is endless…it is there to remind us of who we are, and where we are going. The signal is the voice that calls to us while we are here, that there is another place to call Home. Some call it the Holy Spirit…the force that connects the entire Universe….the signal that one day leads us back to where we came from….

Hear the Call,
love, Jennifer Avalon
© 2003 Jennifer Avalon

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