The day that we are born, we are presented with a spiritual passport. A document that records where we go, how long we stay, what we have learned, and what we leave behind. This passport records in writing the statement of our soul. The spiritual journey that takes us from birth to death to rebirth.

In the beginning, our passport acknowledges the baby steps we take in life…little learning and building blocks that teach us the basic fundamentals of soul expansion. These are the delicate years, where the influences of our parents and loved ones are critical. On many occasions we find ourselves as co-travelers with our parents…hopefully learning as we move through time and space under the Heavens. Through adolescence, into adulthood, the stamps in our passport log the journeys of successes, setbacks, and failures. We may find ourselves revisiting places again and again until we have corrected past mistakes, so we can move on to our next destination. The more we travel, the thicker our passport becomes. A spiritual passport cannot be lost….though we may find ourselves from time to time going through stages of renewal. Not to worry…..this is all part of the journey. We may travel alone….or with others….but what matters is that we continue to evolve and learn. The road of life can be kind or treacherous, but one thing’s for sure….our trusty passport can help to get us through.

We may find from time to time the shine wearing off the cover of our passport. It may look a little weather beaten, creased and worn….but, with a little prayer, humility, and forgiveness, with one glance it can be restored to its original gleam. The passport that we hold inside us is to remind us that we are not alone…even though at times we may feel so. Like an automobile, running on empty, all that is needed is to find the gas station of Faith to feel recharged and restored. Some may choose to not use the passport….that’s fine. But, empty pages tell no stories. The passport is given to be used, as we battle through the joy and the tears.

Like any passport needed for travel, the further you go, the more you need it. Our spiritual passports are no different. If our lives are truly spiritual travels, eventually we head for home. It’s at that point we learn that we are all citizens of Heaven. A place where there are no more borders, no more barriers, and no passports needed.

Travel far,
love, Jennifer Avalon
© 2003 Jennifer Avalon

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