Confronting Anger

There are two types of anger….internal and external. There are also two parts to us, spiritual, and human. Anger is an emotion that fluctuates daily in our lives…we are confronted with it’s management quite often. So let’s take a look at anger, and see not only how it affects us, but also how we can have a better control over it.

Internal anger is by far one of the main reasons we get sick. When we are upset, confused or fearful we turn off the floodlights and the microscope …suppressing our thoughts and emotions inward until they reach a boiling point. These days stress and anger are a routine challenge. While we deal with the inner emotions that fuel anger, the best way to confront it is to step back, relax, find a quiet place…and breathe deeply. This is a good way to get a handle on the emotions that can easily control you rather than you controlling them. A while ago a friend of mine developed a bleeding ulcer, and the first thing the doctor said to him was, “I don’t know what it is that is worrying you so much, but nothing is worth making your insides look like those of a seventy year old, when you are only 38.” My friend changed his diet, took time each day to relax, and before too long his life became much less stressful.

External management, is where other people project their thoughts and dislikes at us. It could be something that we have legitimately done wrong, in which case we can apologize and move on….or, it could be someone else’s rage, insecurities, or jealousies directed at us. External anger can be tricky…in many cases it could involve reevaluating relationships with friends, family, and even acquaintances. Anger has a profound affect on our lives….the best way to handle it is to confront it, deal with it, and move on.
Spiritually, we are one with God and the Universe. It is our responsibility to strengthen that relationship and remember we are Souls living human lives. The enemy of the soul is the Ego. The Ego is completely human-created. As we all need a little Ego and self-confidence to get us through the day, it’s important to not forget that our Ego’s can quite easily spiral out of control. In our world, nothing can be quite more dangerous than a dictator who believes that he or she is God. The more spiritual we are, the more the world makes sense and the greater our ability to deal with anger. Unfortunately, there will always be those who build their lives around hurting others, with anger. Sadly, in some cases the best that we can do is to be aware and limit our exposure to their pain.

I’m sure you too can add your testimony and experiences to this essay. Each one of us can tell our own unique story regarding anger. We either control it, or it will control us. The more we understand the emotions of ourselves and others, the better we will be able to multiply the positive experiences in our lives….with a little help from above:)

Breathe deeply,
love, Jennifer Avalon
© 2003 Jennifer Avalon

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