For Love or Money

The two facets of life that overall inflict the mightiest highs and most devastating lows are Love and Money. Emotions and Finance…a powerful concoction that moves through our lives over time. The better we understand their affects, the more control and discipline we will have over the joy/pain factor. Responsibility is a key ingredient for both…still, a full comprehension is needed if we are to get a handle on their affects.

Let us ponder the thought…how important is it in our lives who we love, and who loves us? God loves us unconditionally, but human to human love can be a whole different scenario. Who we choose to love sets the stage for at least fifty percent of the daily influences in our lives. If we are in a healthy and growing relationship, we prosper and evolve…basically becoming better people. When in a destructive and suppressive environment, we become trapped and stagnate. Is it any wonder why the infliction of depression is so common these days? So it falls to us to try the best we can to choose relationships that can nurture our lives in a positive way. Yes indeed, relationships do go sour sometimes…and one must move on…but it’s always good to keep in mind how important emotional partnerships really are.

Finances…or for a better word, plain old money…in my life’s experiences have delivered the hardest blows. Many of my friends, myself included, have learned sometimes the hard way that “There ain’t no free lunch” 🙂 the bill eventually comes in the mail!:) If only in the present moment we realize that each financial decision we make so greatly can affect our tomorrow, we may think twice of buying an item that we will eventually pay back three times it’s value. Hey, we all need a home, a car, etc., but isn’t it interesting…it’s the mundane and temporary stuff that costs the most. So many books have been written on how to become financially independent…yet still most Americans get to retirement age with little or no savings. Money, as one says, could be the root of all evil…but that all depends on what you do with it.
Is it so important to marry the millionaire? Do we really think we would be happier? Do movie stars really have a better life? Each night on our television screens a parade of individuals are pranced out before us, telling us “We’ve made it! This is the way to live!!” Only to at some point watch them crash. The heart and the pocketbook, talk about opposites attracting! So what do we do? Is there Nirvana? The perfect world, where everything is wonderful and beautiful all of the time? Yes there is, but it’s not here.

As some say “The day is evil, it is up to us to make it good.” Wouldn’t it be incredible if each life was enriched by Love, and balanced by Finance….think about all the good that one could do with all that extra time. Then there could be no excuses, only the Truth of who we are.

Embrace the balance,
love, Jennifer Avalon
© 2003 Jennifer Avalon

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