It’s quite interesting…many of us assume in this day and age that the new, improved, updated and latest model outweighs all that came before. Indeed, it could be true for certain items or information…for example: computers, history books or some of the latest gadgets … but with a little distance, the cream rises to the top.

This week the vaults are being mined once again for a recording group that broke up over 33 years ago. On Tuesday, “Let It Be…Naked,” is being released worldwide. It is to be the version of the album that was supposed to come out before it was remixed by producer Phil Spector. Each year there is a new Elvis Presley Box Set containing unreleased material and recently, in an interview, producer Eddie Kramer said that there are still hours of quality recordings to come out on Jimi Hendrix. I could go on and on, mentioning the latest Frank Sinatra release or perhaps a little Rosemary Clooney, or Peggy Lee, whatever is your taste. One thing’s for sure….there is a hunger for quality in the year 2003. I still find it quite ironic seeing a 12 year old buying a copy of The Beatles Abbey Road:)

How much have we succumbed to as a society? In an age of instant gratification, what do we give up of lasting value? Do we still find uniqueness a qualified treasure, or are we willing to settle for a copy of a copy? On a recent business show a record industry executive was mentioning the damage that file sharing has done to his business…suddenly he was stopped by the interviewer who said “Doesn’t it strike you as strange that your biggest selling artists are dead people?” Stunned, the executive was lost for words. How many more Remastered Recordings, Special Edition DVD’s of classic movies, or more In-depth Documentaries do we have to see before we realize there is a price to pay for lack of fostering new creativity?

Quality moves right across the board…not only in electronics, media, but also in clothing, food, art and construction, etc. We all have a responsibility to give our best…if not, we fall victim to obsolescence. If you have ever cleaned out your attic or basement, the quality stands out. The value shines through the dust. You remember and see the treasures you forgot.

Quality is timeless. It transcends through the ages…improving with time. Quality preserves…Quality teaches….Quality lasts…..

Good Work takes time,
© 2003 Jennifer Avalon

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