The Pantry

Our wishes, dreams, goals and desires, over time all end up in a place called The Pantry…..part of our existence where we store our innermost thoughts and actions. Like all good pantries, once in a while we have to go in and do a little “Spring Cleaning,”….remove that which is decaying, and replace it with the new and fresh. The most threatening action, or lack of it, is neglect. We may believe we can bounce along on our merry way, but checking the inventory is never a waste of time.

The Pantry is a storage room which we add to, and subtract at will. Quality fills the air in The Pantry. Without fresh air, The Pantry can easily become stale…and before too long, cobwebs cloud the entrance. The deeds of life can easily create dust….so a good broom and washcloth always come in handy. The Pantry is the place we go to for reflection on our past, absorption of the present, and storage for our future. If we are good managers, over time we will find better ways to use the space. Like an untidy room, once we enter we understand that there should be a place for everything, and everything should be in its place. Once order is established in a room, or a pantry, we can quietly close the door with a smile on our face.

Some foods have longer shelf life than others….Love is the preservative of The Pantry. The more we Love, the longer things last. Hate is the ultimate decayer…one has to be on the lookout in every nook and cranny to make sure that it doesn’t spoil our goods. Love and Hate are always at war….so it’s important for us to remember that the sweet smell of Love is intoxicating. There is no better feeling than opening the pantry door and getting a whiff of that comforting aroma.

The Pantry lives inside each one of us….the warehouse of the Soul…..the conveyor belt of knowledge where he or she who listens hears most. The Pantry lets us see who we are, what matters, and where we are going. There is no checkout counter… lines… exchange of money……just enough room for us to enter and leave. The Pantry….. with shelves full of dreams, and jars filled with memories. The perfect ingredients for the Casserole of Life.

Bon Appetit,
love, Jennifer Avalon
© 2003 Jennifer Avalon

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