I would like to tell you a story about Freddie. Freddie was born with two legs that had weak knees. His parents were told that eventually his legs would require some form of surgery that would correct damage that could be caused by arthritis. The early weeks of Freddie’s life were quite tough, so much so that if you looked into his little eyes you would see that his whole being was turning inward, as a way to protect himself. He was quite fearful…I believe of rejection. In a world that glamorizes perfection, Freddie had quite a lot to overcome.

When Freddie came home his sister Elsie was waiting…wondering for days what all the fuss was about. She embraced Freddie and from day one she truly not only became his big sister, but also an additional mother. As the months passed, if you looked into Freddie’s eyes, you could slowly see the personality emerging, as the fear subsided. More and more he became stronger….until one day his eyes, which also were not strong at birth, gleamed and lit up the room. Freddie learned and grew with time, becoming more and more evolved. Today, he is one of the center figures of his family. People look up to Freddie….there isn’t a day that goes by where one doesn’t learn something from him. When you enter a room where Freddie is sitting, you have to be very careful…it’s quite easy for him to pick up on your moods and know if something is troubling you. He can smile with you, and help to dry your tears. Freddie is compassion, personified.

Who is Freddie, you may ask? Freddie is an 8 year old little dog. What Freddie was given to work with at birth and what he has overcome is remarkable. He is an inspiration to anyone who meets him. Family and friends all know Freddie…and the kind soul that he is. To spend time with Freddie is to enrich one’s life. I am truly blessed to be his caretaker.

Freddie, a best friend indeed,
love, Jennifer Avalon
© 2004 Jennifer Avalon

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