3 Dimensional

Here is a little experiment to try: take a piece of paper, and a pen, and write down who you think you are. What do you need…what do you want….what matters most to you? When you are finished, get a cup of coffee or tea and after a little break, revisit the page and see if there are any more additions you would like to make. Then, put the page in an envelope in a safe place.

The next step is to go to somebody whose opinion you really trust…perhaps a good friend, or a close family member. Ask them to write down on a piece of paper who they think you are…what they think you need and want, and what they think matters most to you. When they are finished, tell them to place it in an envelope and hand it to you. You in turn will place it next to your letter.

Finally, if you can, find someone that you’ve just met, or who doesn’t know you too well, and ask them to write down who you are, with the same questions as before. When they are finished, ask them to put it in an envelope, and hand it to you.

When all of this has been completed, bring all three envelopes together, open them, and place the letters side by side. You get to see how you see yourself, how a close friend sees you, and someone new in your life sees you. The differences can be quite interesting. We get to learn not only how we see ourselves, but how we are perceived by others. The more information we can gather about ourselves, the greater the knowledge can be obtained to help us grow. It allows us to get outside of own heads and see ourselves from different angles. It can be a little scary, but also a little fun. We become 3 Dimensional.

You could also try this with your spouse or partner, to get a better understanding of each other, and enhance communication lines. None of us are islands unto ourselves…going 3 Dimensional could be a way to extend the view.

love, Jennifer Avalon
© 2004 Jennifer Avalon

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