Shadow and Light

There are many things in life that we don’t have control over, but our perception of them, we do. This perception affects our state of mind and in doing so, we choose whether to rejoice in the light, or lurk in the shadows.

It never ceases to amaze me how two people can look at the same picture and come away with two totally opposite viewpoints of what their eyes have seen. Interpretation is incorporated into just about everything we encounter in life. The affects of these interpretations place us on an emotional scale where joy and freedom sits at the top, and fear and despair reigns at the bottom. The Shadow and the Light….two opposite spectrums within a world of consistent contradictions. Which we choose and which prism we look through, eventually rests with us.

The Light is where the soul and the spirit synchronizes with the Divine, and sees the greater picture that never changes. We live, we love, and we transform to the next level. Death is not a punishment….but a transition. We come here, we live, and we leave…pure and simple. What we fill with that time in-between is up to us. The Light acknowledges all of this….and with the fear of death subsided, one truly learns to live.

The Shadow embraces all that we fear. It feeds off anger, and depression. In every joyous day, the Shadow looks for the failures. The Shadow is an emotional blackmailer…never allowing us to feel joy for too long until it is sucked away into the darkness. It is a cloak that can leave one feeling cold and despairing. This Shadow can make one fear love. It never gives answers, it just lets the circle of sadness go round and round. Some unfortunately have decided to kneel at the altar of the Shadow, believing that life can be no other way.

The Shadow and the Light…two different ways to walk the road into eternity. One a diary of learning, where Heaven is home. The other, a storm that never seems to end, with a compass that goes haywire. We have all met people from both. It’s never hard to see the difference. The Shadow and the Light compete daily for the heart of our souls. In the course of a lifetime, we can slip back and forth between the two, but at the end of the day we become imbedded in one or the other.

I believe in life…it rests on all of us to embrace love, and compassion, and reject the forces of fear and oppression. Getting there can sometimes be quite a journey….yet when the Light shines, all the reasons become quite clear. When all of our hearts are turned on, there can be no darkness.

Choose the Light,
Jennifer Avalon
(c) 2004 Jennifer Avalon

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