Emotional Stations

Sometimes during the evening before I go to sleep, I daydream about different subjects and ideas. One evening this past week I heard on the news that during the summer season many will be using their cars to go to their vacation of choice. The price of a gallon of gasoline will truly be an issue on the amount of money needed for that vacation. So I got to thinking, we take our cars….we pull into the gas station, replenish our tanks, and simply gas up. Many of us never give it a second thought….we unscrew the cap, insert the hose, pay the amount, and drive away. We are not much different than the car that needs gas to run… replenishment too is needed for us to go about our lives.

We daily search for ways to recharge ourselves, both physically and mentally. We look for places in our neighborhoods and on the Internet that are geared towards helping us emotionally. I call these places “Emotional Stations,” and I consider my site one of them. Days can go by and lo and behold we start to feel run down, and, truthfully, running out of gas. We begin to realize that we can only go a little more on the road of life until we have to pull into a rest stop, for a little rest and relaxation, and refueling. Hey, we can only get so far on a low tank before it goes to empty.

So imagine to yourself….a fictitious gas station that we drive to that on the pumps instead of saying “Regular” and “Premium” it says words like “Positive Reinforcement,” “Spiritual Healing,” and a special pump that says, “Blessings and Prayers.” As we fully accept that a car, a home, an airplane, or a train needs energy to run….why is it so inconceivable for some of us to understand that we too need energy? Can you imagine these “Emotional Stations,” on certain street corners? Churches and Places of Worship do fill the void….yet there are so many that while searching get lost. The highway of life can sometimes be a very treacherous road and it’s quite easy to run into a traffic jam. One can sense the beads of sweat dripping from one’s brow while gazing at a gauge on “almost empty.”

Many of the solutions to our problems are right there in front of us….the difficulty is allowing ourselves to see them. That’s why I am a big believer in cross-referencing as a way to put the pieces of life’s puzzles together. Often difficulties facing one subject or idea can simply be transposed onto another situation to arrive at an answer. Cars need gas stations…we need emotional stations. The entrepreneurial spirit can also help us with this dilemma. Some have already started building emotional stations…myself included. Down the road I see my website developing into a full blown emotional station that will include not only words and music, but also film. Today with the advent of the Internet, so much more information is available at the touch of a finger.

So this summer while you’re enjoying your vacation, and periodically gassing up the car, don’t forget to take a little time to visit your emotional stations too.

Happy Motoring,
love, Jennifer Avalon
© 2005 Jennifer Avalon

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