Winds of Love

It’s always a good point once in awhile to sit down, take a look back, and see where one’s life has been heading. Over time, our hopes and dreams may evolve and where we were headed in one direction, we may have, somewhere along the way, taken a detour on a different road. We evolve and grow, but it’s always important to stay focused on what it is we want to accomplish with our lives. The questions always lay before us….who are we? what do we want? where do we want to go? and, what do we want to leave behind?

For myself personally, my mission in life has come down to three things. Number One: I want to have and maintain a good and loving relationship with my family and friends. Number Two: I want to be financially responsible so that money never becomes a generator of heartache and pain. Number Three: Last, but not least, I want to give and leave behind a body of work that can be helpful, and enjoyed long after my passing. While the time is quite short on earth, I do feel that if I can accomplish these three things, I will gladly lay down my head when the time comes, and rest in peace. In doing so, I will have proven to myself that I can embrace and exchange Love, not allowed addictions to control me, and given something back that says “I was here.”

So there it is….those are my three personal wishes. How about you? What are yours? What things can you do to contribute to yourself, friends, family and the world? No dream, no wish, is too big. If all of us picked three things and tried our best to accomplish them the world would be better off than it is now. I received an interesting letter recently, where a man said to me that if the world is so full of good people, why is it in the state it is? He went on to say everyone he knows these days just wants to get as much money as they can, no matter how they get it. He believes there are quite a number of people who would have no problem morally, robbing a bank, if they knew they could get away with it. He further continued to touch on different subjects, like health and crime…basically with the same viewpoint. I wrote back that I did understand what he was saying, but instead of focusing on what is wrong, what would he do in his own way, to help make it right? He hasn’t written back yet (ha!) His complaints were many….his solutions few. Look, we all can sit around and see what’s wrong….but it can only stay that way when we believe it can never change. I believe we all can have a positive influence, not only for our current generation, but for those to come…we can make a difference, if we want to.

Love is the most powerful emotion we have at our disposal. If we can get past the twisting and corruption of Love, Pure Intelligence can reign. More can be learned in the human heart than can ever be read in a book. The only way this world can get better is if we let Love blow like the wind. There is no corner of the planet that it can’t reach. Truly, the answer CAN be blowing in the wind.

Let the winds of Love prevail,

love, Jennifer Avalon
© 2005 Jennifer Avalon

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