The Dream Train

A dream is like a running locomotive that barrels along the tracks to a station in infinity. That train keeps right on rolling and only we decide if we hit the brakes. All trains have a starting point….could be last year, yesterday, or today. We load up our train, yell “All Aboard!”, and off we go!! The Dream Train crosses all kinds of terrain, and battles many shades of weather. The Dream Train is our vehicle for us to carry our hopes, ambitions and plans.

In the beginning, as the dream percolates in our minds, we face a train stationery on the platform of life. We stare it down, imagine the possibilities, and determine with this locomotive….can the dream become reality? In our hands we hold a clipboard with a list of passengers we would like to have on our train…as each one boards, we check off on the list that they are accounted for. The passenger’s bags are loaded in the cargo car. We are fully aware that in life it is impossible to know everything…but with a little help from each individual passenger on our train, we may be able to avoid detours to nowhere.

As the train pulls out of the station, the wheels grind and the whistles blow…excitement fills the air! Each passenger looks at each other with both fear and excitement etched across their faces. This is a journey of a dream, where miracles can and do happen. We pull out of the station, pick up speed, and head off into the wilderness. Like all trips, we can be sure that we will make stops along the way to pick up and let off more passengers. Some will be around for the complete journey, while others may decide after one or two stops that they want to get off this Dream Machine. After each stop, we press on through both day and night, while many watch in wonder. As the train crosses the country, it gives hope to those who too want to have their own Dream Train. Through each intersection, and with each passing mile, people wave and cheer as the Dream Train barrels along into the future.

Each dream has a sight and a sound…so too does the Dream Train. Nothing can erase despair like the sound of an approaching locomotive that signals All Things are Possible. The Dream Train is timeless….it is where both young and old can sit together…where black and white can embrace the Power of the Thought. Each life has its share of mountains, valleys, rivers, and tunnels….as long as there are tracks in front of us, the Dream Train can weather it all. We all know that there is a station waiting for us, where our Dream Train waits for us to board. All it takes is a thought and a few beginning steps to enter that station, smell the air of departure, and see, waiting on a platform, a train for us to board. There is a Dream Train in all of us….all we have to do is take a ticket.

Dream On,

love, Jennifer Avalon
© 2005 Jennifer Avalon

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