You’re Not Crazy

When I was a child, I was always told that the world is a wonderful place, and that there are only a few bad apples out there wreaking havoc upon the masses. Good prevailed over Evil, and when something went wrong, it was only a way for us to learn and improve our lives. While that may be true, one day I asked myself, “If there are so many good people walking around, how come the world for so long has been such a mess?” All a person has to do is open the Bible, and over and over again there are scriptures telling us about the landscape in which we live. I am not one who takes kindly to refuge in falsehood…I do believe the Truth does set you free.

So let’s take a look under the microscope of the world around us….why do so many become puzzled and confused about the sights and sounds that engulf their daily lives? As Jesus is known to have said, “I am sending you off as lambs among wolves.” For if we are pure of heart, with good intentions, we are lambs…but lambs can learn to watch for wolves in sheep’s clothing. So what is it? A Good world, with a few taints of Evil? or, an Evil world, where Good must overcome? It can’t be both. When I was younger, I was oh so willing to believe that goodness was fully in control. Yet, each year I become less convinced. Why, you may ask? Well what can be said of a world that in the past 100 years has invented it’s own destruction, embraced promiscuity, practiced genocide, and now, in it’s wisdom, is starting down the road of gene-splicing human beings with animals? So if you’re feeling depressed, or confused about the way of life today, you’re not crazy…..

Hey, enough of the doom and gloom! What can we do to make things a little better and more tolerable? Well for one, we must see things as they are. The day is born Evil, and it is up to us to put our stamp upon it and make it Good. For if Evil is a coward, the Light of Good will make it scour and wilt in it’s glow. The only weapon that Evil has over us is deception, fear, and cover-up. We can’t correct what we don’t see. I recently heard a lecture where a man stated that all that mankind wants is sex, drugs, and riches. He went on to say that many people believe that if they can obtain those three things, their problems will disappear and everything will be nirvana. Yes, we all have to pay our bills, but what’s so funny about Love, Peace and Understanding? Governments all over the world, for many years, have believed that if you throw handfuls of money at a problem, it will disappear….then later we learn how corruption takes hold of that money and the needy never get it. Mankind can truly do heroic deeds, yet why is it so easy for man to swim in a cesspool of manipulation?

I would do all of you a disservice if all I do is talk about the positive and not try to shine a light on what is wrong. How can we correct the mistakes if we refuse to examine them? You’re right…..I, like many, are concerned where we are going, and what the future may hold, but I also have hope that the ship of humanity can be steered to a port of pure water. That can only happen if we see things for what they truly are. I am not crazy, you’re not crazy…we just care.

Keep the candle burning,

love, Jennifer Avalon
© 2005 Jennifer Avalon

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