Either Here or There

We tend to spend much time during the week examining why we make the choices we do, and where they lead us. There has to be a reason for why things go right, and why they go wrong. Choices, decisions, contemplations and dilemmas circle around us daily, until we all reach a point when we say we are either “Here, or There.”

What do I mean? Well here it goes: We either believe that there is a God, or we don’t….plain and simple. Yet, in many cases, that simple decision sends us off in a direction that will determine almost all the events that will engulf our lives. If we believe in God, then every single decision that we make must not only bring us in alignment with that belief, but also closer to God. If God exists, and is responsible for all that we see here and feel, then that belief must flow through every cell in our bodies. The alignment with that Divinity will solve most, if not all, of our problems. I am not talking about showing up for Church, or House of Worship, for lip-service on Sunday, I am talking about actually allowing the influence and alignment with God to be with you all week. True Believers know this.

If we don’t believe in God, then whether we know it or not, we develop our own alternative belief system. If we eliminate the presence of God, we then have to seek out and acknowledge that something else or someone else is in play. While believing that God does not exist, we are left more or less with one entity running the show…..Man. Mankind calls the shots.

Suppose you invite the truly religious leaders of the world to a party, and one by one you ask, “What does God mean to you?” Over and over again you would probably hear statements like, “God is my source for peace of mind,” “God wants us to progress as a human family,” and, “God is the Light and our Salvation.” Is the purpose for man to contemplate that there is something greater than himself? Or is man’s purpose to reach the answer that he or she is the center of their own universe?

For those who believe in God, it can sometimes be quite a hard road to hoe. Doubts, indecision, being criticized, being judged on your Faith. In the belief of God, and of its defense, this all comes with the turf. While at the same time, this belief can also bring peace of mind, tranquility, acceptance of Life after death, a reason and plan for one’s existence. For those who do not believe in God, they too have their road to hoe. The mysteries of life haunt all of us….how we solve them individually is up to us. For me, nature holds one of the most profound keys…..as long as the sun rises in the morning, and sets in the evening, someone has created a miracle.

Thanks be to God,
Jennifer Avalon

© 2006 Jennifer Avalon

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