Money is the modern day acceptance for trade, transactions, and services rendered. In a world where a price is put on just about everything, Money is the currency which we use to assign a value to all assets, and liabilities. In a perfect world, Money would not be needed, but in a flawed society and civilization, it is an accepted form of transaction.

We buy, we sell, we win, we lose…..whatever the outcome, Money always seems to hang like a shadow over our heads. Is it far fetched to say that the majority of our problems are Money related? Is it far fetched to say that most of the evil acts that are performed have their roots in Money? The reason Money can do so many bad things, is because it exists….still, the reason Money can do so many good things, is also because it exists. It’s not about the amount of Money… comes down to what we do with it.

It’s possible that one of the most fundamental reasons that Money is used in our society is that everybody and everything is assigned an amount of value. Life may be priceless, but rest assured, there are those out there who have no problem coming up with a number for an individual’s life. Just walk down the street and most of the time what you see and hear has a tinge of Money. All over the place, everything after a while seems to be vying for what you have in your pocket. The amount of advertising dollars spent yearly is astronomical…all of it competing for what you may want to purchase. It helps, it hurts, it rises, it falls……Money, ironically, sometimes seems to have a life of it’s own.

Money released in the right direction can do an incredible amount of good…..but if we take no responsibility and oversight, Money can just as easily be re-directed and sent on a pathway to destruction. The past few weeks the Enron trial is getting many headlines…what we keep hearing over and over again is nobody seems to know what happened, and it was the other guy’s fault. The Money just disappeared. How Enron crumbled is a mystery…..heck, some even say it happened by itself!

Money is a necessity in our society…to pay our bills, and do commerce. Yet we must always remember we own it….it doesn’t own us. In the end, we can’t take it with us.

love, Jennifer Avalon

© 2006 Jennifer Avalon

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