One of the greatest aspects of Life is available for free…through the senses. Find a meadow, open field, or back garden…look around at the miracle of Nature. Be it a plant, a tree, the sky, or the wind….Nature, by far, can display the greatest show on earth.

This time of the year in the United States, the full power of Nature starts to emerge. How many hours of a life can be recharged by just staring at the beauty of a flower? How many lives can be extended by watching the world go by under a shady tree? What a wonderful feeling it is to stretch out on a nicely mowed lawn, surrounded by Nature’s blanket of green.

Nature is priceless….yet it is also free to experience. It can never be taken for granted. While it can be breathtaking and extraordinary, it can also be powerful and ruthless. Nature can deliver with one stroke a sun drenched day, yet turn dark, stormy and blow winds that can devastate the terrain. One thing’s for sure…Nature demands respect.

Each year as the seasons pass, the performance of Nature is witnessed by all. It is one of the last bastions of Life that Man has no control over. Nature can hurt, and heal. It teaches and reminds us that we live on a planet spinning through space and time. Many feel Nature is a reflection on how we live….. others see it as a force to be reckoned with. Nature is with us, whether we like it or not.

So enjoy, respect, and experience it…the greatest performance that planet earth has to offer. If Nature is a stage, we all are truly the actors.

The show goes on,

love, Jennifer Avalon

© 2006 Jennifer Avalon

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