Google Earth

The search engine Google makes available the ability to access a satellite and zoom in on a destination of your choice. I kid you not, it is absolutely remarkable and fantastic what you can do and see with the touch of a mouse.

Every few days I type in a location from my past to see how things in the neighborhood have changed. Sometimes I’m surprised, sometimes shocked, at how little Time can change a place. Google Earth allows a person to hone in on any location, be it city or town, or countryside….London, New York, Paris, or Rome….one click and you’re there. Seeing the world as a globe spinning through space, wherever you roam on planet Earth, one cannot help but feel how small Earth really is. Be forewarned, these little trips with Google Earth can be quite emotional. Memories may rush back, or excitement beckon, as you think about future trips you could take to a chosen location. One has to wonder, what’s next?

It’s quite amazing to sit in front of the computer and gaze upon the city of Paris, inch by inch, or as a friend of mine said, taking a look at the elementary school she attended while she lived in South Wales, UK. It’s all there…all ready for us to just click and gaze. How about you? what would you like to see? Do you have a favorite city or country?

Traveling can be quite expensive….yet Google Earth, except for photographs, is the next best thing to being there. I’ve included a link to Google Earth at the bottom of this essay…if you’re interested, pay a visit. Although it may not replace a one week vacation to a favorite spot, it can bring the flavor of a place to your home.

Bon Voyage,

Jennifer Avalon

Download Google Earth

© 2006 Jennifer Avalon

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