The Best and the Brightest

There is a strong belief that throughout all corridors of life eventually, in a free society, the best and the brightest rise to the top. The cream, with all its weight and determination, sits at the threshold of the coffee cup. Is it so? Or is it just as easy for the stench of the corrupt to take that position?

Time and time again, be it countries, corporations, teams or clubs, the corrupt and self-centered can quite easily take over any institution and wield their power. Can the best and the brightest still rise, or has today’s society set out to destroy anyone with new and noble ideals? I can’t for the life of me believe that in the 2004 National Election in the United States the best two people we had to pick from was either George W. Bush, or John Kerry. That’s it? The best and the brightest? Surely there had to be somebody else? Could the answer be that the best and the brightest are no longer willing to allow themselves or their families to be dragged through the mud of politics? The minute someone of either high status or strong integrity announces that they are interested in running for office, within moments the vultures start swarming to see what kind of meat they can pick from their bones. Instantaneously, reporters are summoned to dig up the dirt by any and all means, so that they can have the lead story on the evening news. No wonder the best and the brightest, when asked, say “Thanks, but no thanks.”

For those that do make it through, they better have some personal money, because if they don’t, the Money-Mongers will be banging on the door saying “Without us, you won’t get elected, and one last thing….we own you.” Democrats against Republicans….Republicans against Democrats…the Money-Mongers don’t really care who gets elected, because they give money to both parties…that way, they can’t lose. This November we Americans cast our votes for our candidates of choice…unfortunately, we’re never told who the Money-Mongers are behind some candidates, and when push comes to shove, do those candidates represent Us? Their Party? Or, the Money-Mongers?

Until things change, most, if not all of the best and the brightest will never seek office. I’m sure where you live, whatever country that is, you too have seen examples of how large sums of money can corrupt and control a society. The United States is an incredible country, if it is just left alone to be what the Founding Fathers intended it to be. The 24 hour cable news cycle has shown us that politics has become one of the most lucrative professions ever. The amount of advertising dollars that have been spent by both parties could feed the homeless for years.

So next time you see a Senator or Representative of the Congress debating the contents of a bill before them, think to yourself, who’s words are they saying, their own, or the Money-Mongers? So do we have a Two Party System? Or Three? Democrats, Republicans, and Money-Mongers. If the Democrats hate the Republicans and the Republicans hate the Democrats, guess what? We’ve just elected the Money-Mongers.

Let Freedom Ring,

Jennifer Avalon

© 2006 Jennifer Avalon

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