Thanks To One and All

This year, like many families, was a trying time for mine. I nearly lost two very important members of my immediate family….how they are still here is nothing short of a miracle. If you would have told me what I would have had to face the coming year I would have not believed it, yet the “impossible” sometimes does happen. Thankfully, those two members of my family are still here, and they will be around my table this Thanksgiving. We all will have something to celebrate, while being reminded that Life is precious, vulnerable, and sometimes quite temporary. Thankfully, we get to spend another Thanksgiving together.

As I journey through my trying times, I am always amazed at how many others also face moments of crisis. I kid you not, it almost feels sometimes that we’re all joining hands together, helping each other get through, and keeping each other from going down. One thing’s for sure, when a group of powerful souls gather together in a room with the Heavens looking over, the mountains can be overcome, and the wounds, over time, do heal. My family and friends are always there for me in my times of need. As easy as it can be to take them for granted, always around Thanksgiving I try my best to tell them, “Thanks,” for just being there.

It’s quite interesting that when things go wrong we say, “Why me?” yet when things go right, it’s easy to feel, “Why not?” Each gift that we receive is truly a blessing and can never be taken for granted, as when despair and misfortune comes knocking at the door, it is at those times that we must overcome and evolve into better people. The Heavens see the Greater Picture while we mere mortals journey on down the road of life.

Thanks to One and All….those whom I’ve lost, those that I still have, and those I have yet to meet,

Happy Thanksgiving,

Jennifer Avalon

© 2006 Jennifer Avalon

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