T’is The Season

Allow the Love, the comfort, and the joy to fill your heart and soul. Take in the past year and look forward to the next. May the Season surround us all and allow us to count our blessings. No present is too small, and no smile can be too large. As we meet old friends around the Holidays, let us embrace and thank God that we made it through safely, another year. Whether we’re with a large group or alone, may we all bow our heads and give thanks for what we have. The secret of the Season and the greatest present of all is the Love we exchange with each other…it can easily go by like a ship passing in the night, but its currents can be felt for years. The Holiday Season is a reminder that all we have is each other, and how we treat one another has a profound affect on one another’s lives.

For me, there is no greater gift than a hug, a handshake, or a tender kiss…why? Because they come straight from the heart…they weren’t purchased in a store…they are given unconditionally. The Christmas Season is about the miracle of a birth….who’s to say that miracles can’t happen in our own homes also. The Star that shone for the Three Wise Men along their path to Bethlehem still shines today, to guide us along our journey of life, until we reach the Promised Land. Throughout the centuries, wise men have told us this message over and over again. We All Shall Overcome, someday.

Whatever the future may hold, as long as we have each other and as long as there is Love in this world, there is a chance for mankind to climb out of the Valley of Fear. This Christmas, may we all join hands around all of our tables, no matter how large or small, look up, give thanks, and pray for Peace. If we all for just one moment stop what we’re doing, collectively project our thoughts into the universe, the amplification of Love will calm any waves of despair.

Christmas is about birth…is about Love…is for everyone to feel a part of. No one is left out of a true Christmas. New Year’s is about rebirth, Hope, and dreams….and the Faith that all things are possible.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays,

Jennifer Avalon

© 2006 Jennifer Avalon

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