Everything Old is New Again

When you first moved to your current house or apartment, everything looked brand new. When you stared out the window, walked around the neighborhood, shopped at the local stores, everything seemed exciting and crisp. Eventually, this starts to wear away until after a while it seems standard and a little blase. Time has a strange way of clouding our vision. Everything new starts to feel old.

It doesn’t have to stay that way. Take a trip, and upon your return, when you turn the key, the perspective will be changed. To not get bored with our lives and our surroundings, we constantly have to find ways of stripping away the fog and allowing new light to shine through those old windows. So how does one make one’s surroundings look new? It could be a new coat of paint, rearrangement of furniture, or a special painting in the center of the living room. Everything old can be made new again….all it may take is for our eyes to see things from a different perspective.

The same holds true for our cars, stereos, T.V. sets, etc. Most of the time new items begin to appear old because we allow ourselves to see them that way. Unfortunately, the same can be said for relationships! Some may think their lives can easily change by trading in their spouse for a new model…in quite a few cases, trust me, they don’t make them like they used to! There’s a lot to be said for “vintage”:)

Each morning when I rise the sun coming up always looks new….know why? Because standing before me is a new day, yet to be touched. There is no such thing as the same old sunrise or sunset. While we may feel Time can get repetitious, each second is sparkling new. As our experiences increase with age, the majestic always lies in what is simple. A walk through the woods, and one is totally reassured that the wind never blows the same way twice. All we have to do is shake up the routines, and our minds strip away the cobwebs over our eyes so the windows of our souls can see how wonderful and precious Life truly is.

Old and in the way? Never. Let’s raise our glasses to the vintage, to the flavor of Life, that never grows old.


Jennifer Avalon

© 2007 Jennifer Avalon

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