Over the next twenty to twenty five years the Baby Boom Generation will reach retirement age. In the United States they will become one of the largest, if not the largest, demographic to ever retire. One can only wonder how that is going to change our way of life. How so, you may ask? More people drawing Social Security, more needing health care, some relocating, assisted living, etc. Are the various agencies prepared for what they call the “Boomer Tsunami”?

I recently had a conversation with the director of my local senior center. She could not stress enough how vitally important it is for centers catering to retirees to get their programs together and be prepared for a large group of individuals to need and use their facilities. She is also aware that the face of her center will probably change as a reaction to the needs and wants of the coming Boomer Retirees. Yelling out your favorite Beatles tune will no longer get a blank stare to those over 65, in the next few years. The Boomers are coming….whether we like it or not.

This fact is not being lost on Corporate America and those corporations worldwide. They are strategically aligning themselves with programs and products to cater to the Boomer Demographic, with the disposable income that they’ll have. Is it too far fetched to think that one day within the next few years if you visit a senior center you may hear from the back a group of individuals in a rock band blasting out their favorite tunes? Will “Smoke on The Water,” “Whole Lotta Love,” or, “Free Bird” ever sound the same again? Boomer Bands Rock On!

There will be challenges, yet, the face of old age will change. The transformation of our nation will be quite noticeable. Politicians and entertainment companies will listen and observe the reactions from the Boomers to their policies and tastes. That much buying power coupled with more available time presents an undefiable concoction. There could be a drain and a concern on Generation X’ers to keep the ball rolling…hopefully the transition from Boomers to Generation X’ers will be smooth. Still, it’s quite possible that there will be hiccups in the passing of the baton to the next generation.

One final point I would like to present….the contributions of the Baby Boom Generation will be fully examined. Quantity versus quality will be addressed. The Boomers will have a chance to look back on their lives at what went right, and what went wrong. They will want to address, what do they really need to take with them into their senior years? They’ll finally have to ask themselves, did they change the world? or just add a new coat of paint?

Live long and prosper,

Jennifer Avalon

© 2007 Jennifer Avalon

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