Emotion in Motion

Every week I receive emails from people describing their lives and how life can throw us all curve balls sometimes. We all have our up and down days…so here’s a little suggestion on perhaps finding a way to deal with the emotional roller-coaster we can easily find ourselves on:

Here it is folks….one designated room of your house or apartment where you can go, anytime. I call it “the emotion in motion room.” So, you may ask yourself, what do you do there? Ah, that’s really up to you. Each room, of course, has to be individually fine-tuned to a person’s needs. It could be a laughing room, crying room, meditation room, prayer room, or maybe a silent room to shut out the noise of the world long enough for you to think. If you don’t have a room, perhaps you can find a corner where you can put on a pair of headphones to cocoon for a while, to recharge, regroup, and regain some sanity. The emotion in motion room, a private place where one can vent, express, and heal at will.

Getting in tune with ourselves not only enhances our own lives, but those of all we come in contact with. If we don’t control our emotions, our emotions start to control us. Taking the bull by the horns allows us to have greater control over surprise situations that can easily pop up out of nowhere. Emotions have a strange way of creating baggage…what we would like is to have good baggage, not baggage that weighs us down. I know the saying, “God laughs when mankind plans,”….that’s not what this is about. It’s about gaining greater responsibility for one’s actions.

Crazy as it may seem, laughing for fifteen minutes, or crying for that matter, can bring about a great sense of relief. For me, meditation is essential for my daily life. Twenty minutes of focus and relaxation recharges my batteries, and allows me to gain perspective over my life. My emotion in motion room is like a good friend…a place to go to think things through, and somewhere in the silence the answers come. Feeling centered greatly improves my ability to connect with the Heavens.

Find your space,

Jennifer Avalon

© 2007 Jennifer Avalon

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