As much as we think we’re not, each one of us is unique. The world would have us believe that we’re all a dime a dozen….but are we really? I believe it is a responsibility of every one of us to seek out that uniqueness, embrace it, help it grow, and make it flourish. Uniqueness is what we have, but getting us all to believe that is another matter.

We all possess that one special thing that we do that makes us feel complete and fulfilled. Uniqueness makes us smile, letting us know what we can offer and where we belong. It could be in the arts, mathematics, computers, science, etc. but rest assured, somewhere we all have something unique and special.

We run into trouble when we disregard our special talents, and think there is something else for us to do, until we get fed up of going down dead-end streets, and we turn around and accept….”this is who I am”, and “this is what I do best.” There is a reason why not all football players become quarterbacks. Some players realize their unique talents are better suited at a different position on the team. We may not be meant to be the CEO of a corporation, but what’s so wrong about being a team player, or head of a marketing division? Success happens when a group of unique individuals come together and strive towards the same goals….that’s when miracles can happen. Uniqueness to the ultimate degree.

Unique individuals striving for the same purpose create a hybrid that cannot be accomplished individually by themselves. In some strange way the combination of certain people can create an energy or a force that is generated by the combined efforts of all their talents. We are all walking miracles….yet why do we allow ourselves to feel so ordinary, and disposable? Uniqueness is priceless. It is a gift from the Heavens. Still, mankind can so easily brush it aside.

It is not foolish to jot down what it is you feel your uniqueness is. What is it that you have to offer that you love doing? Oh, have I forgotten to mention that? Uniqueness is something that you will love doing. Perhaps growth may be painful at times, but uniqueness is the road to a purpose. Right at the center and the core of who we are, lies our uniqueness…that’s the way God planned it. He left us with the mission to figure it out.

Seek and you will find,

Jennifer Avalon

© 2007 Jennifer Avalon

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