All In The Mind

We go about our lives almost as if we’re in a comatose state at times….like zombies shuffling through time. Alarm goes off…time to get up…take a shower….grab a bite, gulp the coffee…get dressed…get kids organized…and out the door. At work we have occasional moments of freshness and clarity, only because usually something “new” comes across the desk, to do…but overall, our minds are in drone position, designed to operate at an even, uninterrupted pace. And even though we think that this kind of living is reality, it’s really all in the mind.

Have you ever sat quietly and let your mind race, to places it wants to go? Artists, musicians, writers and people in the arts in general do this all of the time. It’s called “imagination,” and it takes us to spaces and heights that others think are unimaginable….but that’s the whole point of art…to think beyond the confines of earthly reality…to take us to “another place.” This, to me, is the “magic” of art…that it can transport people to other realities.

As a human group, we contain something called a “human consciousness.” It is the collective thoughts of all, combined into one overall idea, or image, of the way things are, or should be. If the collective consciousness thinks the world is a bad place, then the world will reflect that. And if one takes a general look around, it’s obvious that human consciousness has decided that this place is a mess. Can the same human consciousness imagine, also, that this place can be wonderful? Absoloutely. Everything great that ever came to be on earth, began with imagination. Even John Lennon of the Beatles wrote about it, in his song “Imagine.” Because it really is that simple….it really is all in the mind.

Think lovely thoughts,

Jennifer Avalon

© 2009 Jennifer Avalon