Let it Out

We all deal with emotions. Living beings feel things…good and bad. So it’s no surprise how many of those feelings we either lock inside, or pretend they don’t exist. While our emotional surface may look calm and smooth, below the water strong currents may prevail, taking our lives in different directions then we consciously choose. The ocean can be a very deep place.

We express our feelings through laughter, pain, tears and silence. Three of the four are how we react to what we feel…but silence is the one action where suppression lives. Some things we don’t want to look at…we have no words, no reactions…we just stand there, motionless, hoping that the time will pass and all will be well, while somewhere knowing inside that what we fail to express will one day show itself when we least expect it. Where do our illnesses really come from? Somewhere, intermingling with the virus or infection, could be some forgotten emotions that were maybe not really forgotten. Yes, I know some do get sick from ailments beyond their control, but the majority of illnesses can be avoided, if we only find ways to deal with, and better understand how, stress forms and engulfs our lives.

In society today suppressed emotions are released at many levels…some release them healthfully, through exercise, prayer, and meditation. Others deal with these feelings through domestic anger and abuse, while even some choose the road of violence and destruction. One way or another, these emotions eventually come out. If one is to have a healthy and peaceful existence, the handling of these emotions become vital to our well-being.

So as the title says, “Let it out”…peacefully. We don’t have to feel that we have to hold it inside forever. Use exercise, friendships, focusing on goals, or prayer…just get it out. In this world, there is alot to be joyful for, and alot to be sad about. Being human, we have to deal with both. Seek, reflect, mourn and rejoice…all forms of release.

Let it flow,

Jennifer Avalon
© 1999 Jennifer Avalon

At the End of the Tunnel

We all know that place….where doubts creep in and uncertainty prevails….the tunnel which we all must go through in life to reach the other side. Whether it’s problems at work, problems at home, or a health crisis, once we enter the tunnel it is very easy for us to lose our bearings, give up hope, and become stationery… while in the distance we see this beautiful glowing light that is like a rope dangling for us to reach, to pull us through. That rope could be lowered by a friend, a family member, or God….but in order to reach it one has to focus on that light, while ignoring the turmoil that surrounds us.
The wind howls, the rain falls, and the echo can sometimes seem deafening…but as we move through our tunnels in life we learn about the atmosphere of our existence and the roads that we choose. Inside the tunnel one has to have much Faith…in themselves, and in the belief that the distant light is reachable, even when the walls around you whisper the negative. The Light at the End of The Tunnel grows closer with each step, but the forward motion of those steps must be made by us. The most important thing we must do inside the tunnel is to just focus on that Light, and with each step, it will become not only closer, but brighter.

If you’ve ever seen a burning log fire from across the room, as you move closer the heat from the fire intensifies. So too does that Light that we hope to reach. To me, the essence of that Light is pure Love…for as we are encased in our tunnels, we reach for the rope of Light to pull us through and out into the sunshine. That rope that is lowered to us has been lowered by the Love of God, with the belief that we can make it through.

Faith is a very personal thing….in order to get through the tunnel one must have Faith. Faith is the energy of the Soul to accomplish its mission in Life. The tunnel may be a scary place, but with the Shield of Faith the darkness can’t get through, because Faith acts like a solar panel to receive energy from the Light.

Keep the Faith,

Jennifer Avalon
© 1999 Jennifer Avalon

Story of a Newsletter

As this is the second anniversary of my newsletter, I would like to share with you how it all started, and where it is going from here.

Two and a half years ago I began posting some of my essays on the Internet newsgroups. At first, I, like many, was scared….and afraid that I would get blasted by those who disagreed with what I felt. Yes, there were some who wrote back with unkind comments, to put it lightly, but I was pleasantly surprised at how many people felt the same way I did about things. One point I now know to be true…that when one decides to do something positive, there are forces in play to try to stop you. Check out some of the early essays on my essay page…can you believe that some people wrote back to me, threatening my life? So if some of you have posted messages over the Internet and received the same treatment, you are not alone! Anyway, after about six months, through my essays I started to develop a small “group of friends,” E-mailing each other back and forth. As the group grew, some mentioned that I should seriously consider putting together a newsletter. Up to this point I would have considered myself a singer/songwriter…but what was interesting was that my lyrics paralleled some of my essay writings…they were really coming from the same place. So, in September 1997, I published my first newsletter. Yes, I had doubts, but after a few weeks those doubts were washed away. I saw the impact the newsletter was beginning to have on not only my own life, but also on those that read weekly. A wise man once said “It’s not important that someone totally agrees with you, but if you can get them talking about a subject, that is half the battle.”
To this day, I still can get hate mail, but the kind thoughts far outweigh the cruel. Recently, a number of people have mentioned to me about putting the essays on tape for people to listen to at home, or on their way to work…..so come November, the first two audio tapes will be available through my website, in my own voice. I’m also at work on a new original music album based also on the essays which should be ready for release early next year. Last but not least, in the Spring of next year there are plans in place to broadcast a weekly half hour audio/visual Internet show.

I never thought when I started all this that it would reach as far as it has. I hear from people in the smallest of countries, and the largest of continents. One thing is for sure…we all have much more in common than we think. Thank you so much for contributing to the success of the newsletter, and I look forward to entering the new Millennium with you.

Take the time to love,

Jennifer Avalon
© 1999 Jennifer Avalon

Rainbow’s End

We all long to reach the place in life where all the questions are answered, financial difficulties are met, and peace of mind prevails. Most of us struggle daily with all kinds of things, but we always hold out that hope that one day everything will make sense. Some in this world have an abundance of material wealth…yet they will tell you they still don’t have all the answers, while others who may live in poverty can see a brighter tomorrow. So if it can be said that material wealth does not bring about prolonged peace of mind, then how can we obtain it and sustain it?

Each day is a struggle…a new day begins, new problems to tackle, and a few surprises along the way. It seems sometimes that there are forces in play to knock us off-center and have us spinning all over the place. Therein lies the basis and the enemy of peace of mind. While we look to the future to provide us with inner bliss, it is at the present where it can be found. Finding, knowing, and prolonging our purpose here is one of the ways that we can make sense of what we go through in life. Knowing the reasons for our existence helps elevate our lives beyond the sheer numbers, where each individual has a purpose and a destiny. We seem to diminish the importance of human life with each increase in population, while in reality the one is equal to the many. We all matter.

So where is the Rainbow’s End? The Pot of Gold? The Answers of the Universe? The answer may not be so complicated…it could be very simple. A rainbow can only be seen through a particular bending of light…after a rainstorm, though a prism…never directly. And yet we all gasp when we see one…reminded of how magical God and nature can be. If our perception is clear, and we know our reason for being, then within that understanding we are at the Rainbow’s End.

Look for the Rainbow,

Jennifer Avalon
© 1999 Jennifer Avalon

Shaping Memories

We all have our favorite day of the week…or our favorite time of the year. They represent fond memories, exhilarating experiences, and warm heartfelt thoughts. For me, I enjoy the fall and the last three months of the year….a time of preparing for the holidays, family get-togethers and celebrations. I have to admit if one of these celebrations end up being sorrowful or disappointing, the next year around I can’t help but remember the last time. We also tend to remember the passing of a loved one and are affected emotionally each year by the memory….memories do shape our future.

Our minds, for better or worse, soak in just about everything. After awhile the cumulative effect takes hold and all of our thoughts and dreams are thrown into one big basket, jumbled up together. It’s no mystery that things can get quite confusing at times….but maybe we can have a little more say in the matter. If our yesterdays shape our tomorrow’s, then our todays are the point at which change must occur. So then the point can be taken that as each year rolls around, if we implement the correct changes that we want we then can shape future years and our emotions surrounding them.

We must accept responsibility for our yesterdays, otherwise we are doomed to make the same mistakes. With Free Will in play, I believe God has given us the Gift of having a say over each of our lives, and an influence on others. Yes, we not only can shape the tomorrow’s of our own lives, but also of family, friends and loved ones. The power is in the knowledge that things can be changed. Good examples and being a good role-model are vital to the raising of children….they copy what they see. We all have bad days, but what we learn from them is what matters.
Each year we can make better then the previous year. The best days of our lives don’t have to be behind us….hey, we’re supposed to get better with age, right? Like a fine wine! We can start today to accumulate a new set of memories that can help us ferment into a better tomorrow.


Jennifer Avalon
© 1999 Jennifer Avalon

The Way It Is

How many degrees do you have hanging on your wall? As we were growing up weren’t these diplomas supposed to provide us with all of the answers and an overabundance of happiness? Perhaps we read too much into the expectations. An education is a wonderful thing to have….and knowledge cannot be overestimated, but that all depends on the level of education and the amount of knowledge obtained. Math, English, the Sciences and the Arts, all meaningful endeavors, but without accumulating skills in life management, finances, parenting, forming relationships, and spiritual growth, one can easily look around and feel that something is missing.

Intelligence in our society today, in many cases, is based on the degree of education that a person has acquired. Surely, a person with a masters degree cannot be a bad father…or go financially bankrupt…but as many of us know, these things do happen, regardless. At a family get-together or party there always seems to be one or two members who seem to have all the answers….surely, there could not be something that they don’t know….until one day you get a phone call and that person that you highly regarded as being intellectually superior to you makes one of the stupidest mistakes that even a five year old could understand is wrong. If all we do is concentrate on certain aspects of life, while disregarding others….net/net a person ends up way below average.

When we make mistakes in life it’s so easy for us to start searching for the one to blame. ‘It’s God’s fault,” “My wife didn’t remind me,” “My children drive me crazy,”….Heaven forbid we turn the gigantic microscope around and point it at ourselves! Dysfunctional families (which most of us are members of in one way or another) are blamed for all of the mistakes we make in our lives. For sure, coming from a broken home is not easy and in some cases is a mountain to climb….but at some point changes have to be implemented to stop the same things from happening again and again, and new ways to handle our problems have to be practiced…..otherwise, we cannot overcome and move on.

How is this done? Seek out books, classes, seminars, Houses of Worship that can set you on the course of change. It’s no mystery, many of us have a sense what’s lacking in our day to day lives, but the hard part is facing it and changing it. This road of life that we all travel on is not a smooth journey and sometimes it can be absolutely rocky….but with the right knowledge perhaps we can diminish the amount of accidents that seem to happen in our lives when we least expect them, and obtain a greater control over our existence. We learn good habits and bad habits….plain and simple. We may not be able to change the past, but we do have a say in the future, and the past doesn’t have to equal the future. For myself, I do the best I can, but hey, I’m not perfect and often find myself asking God to help me overcome my shortcomings.

Anyone who tells you that they have all the answers….get away from them as fast as you can. The maze that we go through in life, at each turn is supposed to provide us with clues that we are meant to uncover to move forward to the next junction in the maze. Unfortunately, some get trapped, but it’s not impossible to clear the blockage and continue on the journey. Those blockages can be overcome if we realize that to move forward it is vital for us to take care of the whole essence of who we are and not just focus on a corner of ourselves.

I believe we come into this world with total knowledge…just look into the eyes of a newborn child. The “trick” is that as we progress in life, to not forget.

Try to remember,

Jennifer Avalon
© 1999 Jennifer Avalon

Shaking the Cage

Sometimes it seems that life is out to lock us away in a cage….trapped, with nowhere to go. We bounce along day to day doing our best to avoid these cages that roam around cities and towns looking for the next person to catch. How do we end up in a cage? We lose our dreams, we lose our hope…and for awhile we just give up. All of us at one point or another have been trapped in one of these cages, looking at the lock and wondering, “Who has the key to let me out?” until one day over in the corner a shining metallic object catches the sun and lo and behold, there is the key to the lock….it was right there under our noses all along. There are some who will tell us that all of life at some point ends up in one of these cages….maybe so, but the length of time that one remains in the cage is determined by us.

In the movie “Network” a character named Howard Beale hosted a talk show, and one night he looked into the television camera and said “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.” He proceeded to tell all of those who were tuned into his show to get up out of their chairs, open their windows, and yell out that they too were not going to take it anymore. Howard Beale decided that night to break free of the cage that he found himself trapped in. So what are these cages? Some are called bad friendships, bad relationships, unfulfilling jobs. At some point we must ask ourselves how much further can we go by staying in the same situation? The key to letting us out of the cage, funny enough, is inside the cage. The answers, the solutions, to spring open the door lay there right before us….the trick is to see it. The strength to see the key, pick it up, place it in the lock and turn it, overcome the fear and muster up the courage to leave the entrapped quarters. Some of the hardest things to reaffirm in life are Faith, Courage, Love and Conviction….but without them how can we ever leave the cage and never return?

The mysteries of life always seem so complicated, so hard to fathom, when really they’re all so simple. It’s the answers that are hard to accept sometimes. The cages are just a place for us to go when fear backs us into a corner. After awhile the cage can feel safe and comfortable….but in reality the bars of the cage keep us from growing. There’s more life outside then inside the cage.

Turn the key,

Jennifer Avalon
© 1999 Jennifer Avalon

Ages and Stages

All through our lives we move through the years, hopefully building upon the days to get us to a brighter tomorrow. The only problem with this scenario is that most of us evolve as human beings at different paces, while the world pigeonholes us into boxes where we’re “supposed” to be at any given time. We’re either too old, too young, too tall, too short, too thin, too fat. While we struggle to grasp for perfection and maintain it, we realize the impossibility of the task…and it’s very easy to feel like a failure, unable to come to grips with the idea of the perfect specimen.

Age is not a curse….it is a blessing. It is the tool that can allow us to see our mistakes and correct them. It is the vehicle to help us gain wisdom and insight. Age may produce wrinkles on our bodies, but inside it delivers treasure. The definition of age rests on the shoulders of each individual…in some cultures the oldest members of the family are considered the most valuable. In other parts of the world age is looked upon as a curse…where people must fight it to their death. Age is a part of life…to live is to age. But who can say who is really older? The terrified twenty year old, or the peaceful eighty year old?
As we grow through our lives we evolve through different stages. Growth has its share of exhilaration and pain. As the saying goes, “no pain…no gain.” Well, the pain is really the handling of how we get to the next phase of our life…changes are sometimes the hardest steps to go through until we look back and say “What was I so worried about?” Childhood, adolescence, teenage years, adulthood…senior citizen…all valuable parts of life. Each stage as important as the next. The Soul is ageless…inside we are timeless….even if the face in the mirror changes.

So let’s not be afraid to laugh, play, stretch, and climb the mountain. It’s all a learning game, after all. A classroom open 24 hours a day that teaches Love, Compassion, Harmony and Faith…it’s just up to us to listen. The textbook is open to any age…

Read on….

love, Jennifer Avalon
© 1999 Jennifer Avalon

The Dance

Ah yes…..The Dance…something we all partake in, whether we’re on the floor, or sitting on the sidelines. The dance, the art of movement in life. Swaying back and forth, up and down, twirling around…circling the floor. A world of motion, depth, synchronicity, thought, touch, feel and love….all moving together, interdependent on one another.

There is nobody who can’t dance….we are born with the gift. The question is, how much do we use it? Somewhere along the way we’ve all had those moments where we’ve watched from the sidelines at the dance floor, wondering, would we look silly on the floor?….but once we’ve joined in we’re amazed at how easy the rhythm carries us along. It’s interesting that while we partake in our dance we become totally unaware of who is watching….we are lost in the feeling of movement. We choose our partners, and hopefully they move with us in time. If not, we choose another until the right person moves with us in balance.

In the Dance of Life no one is truly the master, the know-all and everything….there’s always room for improvement. The lessons of life make us better dancers, and we all dream of one day dancing the perfect dance. We share the floor with others….who also seek to improve upon their movements, while some after just one dance choose to take their seats, and never dance again.
The Dance has its share of exhilaration, hope, humor, fear and tenderness….truly magic in motion. On the Dance Floor of Life miracles can happen when least expected. If there is a mystery to Life, then also that mystery encircles the floor of The Dance. While the music plays, and the dancers participate, up above in the balcony the Heavens watch and observe us mere mortals grace the floor. They applaud when one person’s joy of The Dance spreads to another…and another…and another…..

Let’s never forget that we all know how to dance…..

love, Jennifer Avalon
© 1999 Jennifer Avalon

Tools of the Trade

During the hot days of summer here in the United States one can very easily drift, or feel off-balance as the second half of the year beckons. The following are a few suggestions that may help restore equilibrium…or what I call “The Tools of the Trade.”

There are certain things, I believe, that need to be repeated daily to keep us in better control of our lives. I’m sure you can also add to the list, but here are my personal choices….

1. I find prayer and meditation a vital part of my morning. It helps to center me, and let me know that there is a purpose to my existence, and a reason for my life. It’s so easy to lose track and forget that there is a greater picture and that each one of us make our own contributions.

2. I feel it’s very important to make sure that our bodies have the fuel to accomplish our goals and plans. If we don’t replenish or refuel, it won’t be long before we find ourselves losing interest or getting tired. Diet and exercise can help us drive safely along the road of life. Just because some countries are wealthier than others doesn’t mean they aren’t malnourished.

3. Self-confidence is vital to success. Yes, we all make mistakes, but we must look inside and believe that we matter and that what we say, feel, and do does have an effect on others. No life is too small and no dream is too big.

4. Budgeting is something many of us can’t stand doing, but in order to succeed in what we tackle in life we must be aware of our inflows and outflows. As I wish money didn’t matter, it is the form of currency that we use to represent the value of things. So grab the bull by the horns, make a chart on paper, and see how much comes in and where it goes. It’s surprising how easily we forget where it goes.

5. I find it useful from time to time to look and examine my lifestyle. How I live, where I work, family and friends….all of these have a profound effect upon my happiness and how I feel about myself. Pets too can provide an abundance of positive energy. I, having three dogs, can attest to this.

6. Last, but not least, is LOVE, because without it all the rest falls by the wayside. I believe that to love is the reason we are here…to overcome the doubts, the hurt, the pain and the hate. Love is not always easy…but neither is Life. It’s something that has to be worked at daily…but when one looks inside some of the greatest inventions and ideas, somewhere sprinkled in the center is the passion of Love. Perhaps the greatest lesson we are meant to learn here is the Lesson of Love. To be able to give it, and receive it.

It’s almost humorous sometimes how easily we can float through the day….we get up in the morning, and before we know it it’s one in the afternoon and what seems like half an hour goes by, when it’s suddenly five in the evening…next thing you know, the bed is facing you and it’s time to say goodnight!!! Where does the time go? You know you’ve done fifty-million things, but you can’t remember what they were!!! Hopefully with a little better planning we can slow old Father Time down…enough to see the Greater Picture.

Take the time to Love,

Jennifer Avalon
© 1999 Jennifer Avalon