Weathering Heights

This time of year in the Northeast of the United States much of the talk turns to the weather. August is traditionally known as the unofficial “steam bath” season. It’s quite interesting how each person has their own favorite season and time of year. So how about you? Are you a warm weather person, or cold weather person, or someone in-between? It does have an effect on our lives.

Personally, I used to always consider myself a warm weather person. Seeing that I grew up in Southern California, it’s quite understandable. Warm weather, the sun, the beach….all year round. After awhile it was quite easy to feel that a Mediterranean climate was the norm, until I moved to the Northeast of the United States, many moons ago. Can you say, culture-shock?? Well these days I have done an about face…..cold, cool weather is not looking so bad anymore. How do I know this? After the winter we have had here all it took was one month of 90 plus degree temperatures to start dreaming about snowflakes again. I kid you not….as I write this, hot August is living up to it’s name. Winter evenings by the fire are beginning to look mighty good! Still, I am not foolish…I know there are many out there who just love the warm rays of the sun on a summer day, and they, God Bless them, wouldn’t want it any other way. Four seasons, Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall…which one is your favorite? For me, I love the Fall….the cool crisp evenings, and walks under trees ablaze in orange and red and yellow. So you see, we all scale the Weathering Heights.

Is it any surprise how much the weather has its effect on people? Productivity, emotions, communications, and health. The weather, in it’s own quirky way, in one swoop can either heal or destroy. When there is a drought, mankind prays for rain. When there is a flood, he hopes that the waters cease. As we all live under the skies, we are amazed at it’s beauty, glory and power. With a greater understanding of how much the weather effects us on a daily basis, we can have a better grasp in adapting to it’s influences.

May the sun shine brightly over your head, may the warm breezes of Heaven flow through your heart, and may the cool winds of contentment soothe your Soul.

love, Jennifer Avalon
© 2005 Jennifer Avalon


We all grow at different rates. While one person can arrive at a conclusion at twenty, it may take another until they’re forty. Our minds, over time, become an elaborate and unique camera that consistently takes snapshots along the road of life. These snapshots can easily become objects of great value, an individual perspective on any given subject or idea that we may arrive at. Snapshots are real, but how society reflects on them and uses them is truly another matter.
How many times have we heard somebody say that they could not have been able to handle or arrive at a certain conclusion earlier in life and that it took them maturity to grasp what it was they had discovered and were able to use? Yet, still our society seems to be fixated on the premise that “the faster you get there, the better you are.” One person may learn to ride a bike at five….while another at fifteen. Even though both are doing the same activity, their experiences and comprehension can greatly differ. The same snapshot taken at different periods of time can give a different perspective. How many inventors have stood on the shoulders of the giants who have come before, and taken their previous research to the next level? A bird may fly through the air, but for a man to accomplish that task it took a different mindset. So today man can fly like a bird….almost.

Snapshots of thought are very much like snapshots taken by people….images frozen in time that capture a memory. An author may write a great novel in their twenties, yet how many times do we hear that same person in their sixties or seventies say, “I don’t know how I did it. It’s almost as if someone else wrote it.” Strangely, society seems to think that it can lump us all into boxes that can be broken down into age, race, and religion, as if that is all we are. The mistake that is made is that we all grow at different rates. What’s missed is that we are really an accumulation of our experiences…all different, all quite unique. Although many would like us to believe that we are nothing more than just one more drop in a sea of humanity, it is quite the opposite…we are all rare and special droplets that are inter-connected with the Universal Divine. Each life is as sacred as the next. When one life is lost, it can never truly be replaced on earth. It all reminds me of a television show I saw last summer called “The Prisoner.” The line that was repeated over and over throughout the series was, “I am not a number, I am a man.”

No matter how many people may visit the Holy Land, each one comes back with a different story. Snapshots of a land that has been visited time and time again, yet with each one having a different texture and angle. This camera work goes on over and over again throughout our lives….perhaps because one day when we pass we are hooked up to the ultimate projection screen, where all can see who we are and what we went through.

May your life contain many beautiful pictures,

Jennifer Avalon
© 2005 Jennifer Avalon

Consumers of Time

It’s quite interesting to observe a room or a home that has not been occupied for a period of time. When one opens the door one is surrounded by cobwebs and dust, for this marks a location where human activity has become sparse. If we were to stand in one place for an extended period of time without any movement, we would be sending out a signal to the air around us, through our lack of movement, that life has ceased. Movement is the ultimate vehicle of motion. As long as we move, we are Consumers of Time.

As Life moves forward through time, we become some kind of pac-man….gobbling up the air and space in front of us, and casually, as we take a look behind, we can see clouds of dust and debris. To live is to constantly push forward….as I have said before, today is tomorrow’s yesterday. As long as we breathe, we can make a difference…we have the choice of how much air to breathe, how much time to consume. Our choices truly matter. As each breath is a miracle, each moment is sacred. There is a responsibility for the time we digest. While we may not know the exact second of the end of our lives, we do know that the time that we have here is not infinite. With each moment that we live, we move one minute closer to our own succession of time. In knowing this, what we consume from our tomorrows must have meaning, for those who have come before, and for those who will follow. Once we stop moving, we too become dust. At that point within the mourning can be a heart of celebration, for a life that had meaning and made a difference. In this troubled world, the currency of Time has become that much more valuable. Even as the dust of the past lays behind us, on the horizon is a sunrise in the morning, waiting for our touch.

So on we go, Consumers of Time….spinning through the Universe, creating our own unique, individual atmosphere, which collectively makes up our planet. Still, we have to understand that as Consumers of Time we too are polluters, but in our case, we decide which one…are we polluters of Love, or Hate? Our consumption too has a lasting effect. Each moment is ours to mold, to shape, to bend. A priceless commodity that is rare, precious, and beautiful.

To everything there is a Time,

love, Jennifer Avalon

© 2005 Jennifer Avalon

Winds of Love

It’s always a good point once in awhile to sit down, take a look back, and see where one’s life has been heading. Over time, our hopes and dreams may evolve and where we were headed in one direction, we may have, somewhere along the way, taken a detour on a different road. We evolve and grow, but it’s always important to stay focused on what it is we want to accomplish with our lives. The questions always lay before us….who are we? what do we want? where do we want to go? and, what do we want to leave behind?

For myself personally, my mission in life has come down to three things. Number One: I want to have and maintain a good and loving relationship with my family and friends. Number Two: I want to be financially responsible so that money never becomes a generator of heartache and pain. Number Three: Last, but not least, I want to give and leave behind a body of work that can be helpful, and enjoyed long after my passing. While the time is quite short on earth, I do feel that if I can accomplish these three things, I will gladly lay down my head when the time comes, and rest in peace. In doing so, I will have proven to myself that I can embrace and exchange Love, not allowed addictions to control me, and given something back that says “I was here.”

So there it is….those are my three personal wishes. How about you? What are yours? What things can you do to contribute to yourself, friends, family and the world? No dream, no wish, is too big. If all of us picked three things and tried our best to accomplish them the world would be better off than it is now. I received an interesting letter recently, where a man said to me that if the world is so full of good people, why is it in the state it is? He went on to say everyone he knows these days just wants to get as much money as they can, no matter how they get it. He believes there are quite a number of people who would have no problem morally, robbing a bank, if they knew they could get away with it. He further continued to touch on different subjects, like health and crime…basically with the same viewpoint. I wrote back that I did understand what he was saying, but instead of focusing on what is wrong, what would he do in his own way, to help make it right? He hasn’t written back yet (ha!) His complaints were many….his solutions few. Look, we all can sit around and see what’s wrong….but it can only stay that way when we believe it can never change. I believe we all can have a positive influence, not only for our current generation, but for those to come…we can make a difference, if we want to.

Love is the most powerful emotion we have at our disposal. If we can get past the twisting and corruption of Love, Pure Intelligence can reign. More can be learned in the human heart than can ever be read in a book. The only way this world can get better is if we let Love blow like the wind. There is no corner of the planet that it can’t reach. Truly, the answer CAN be blowing in the wind.

Let the winds of Love prevail,

love, Jennifer Avalon
© 2005 Jennifer Avalon

Emotional Stations

Sometimes during the evening before I go to sleep, I daydream about different subjects and ideas. One evening this past week I heard on the news that during the summer season many will be using their cars to go to their vacation of choice. The price of a gallon of gasoline will truly be an issue on the amount of money needed for that vacation. So I got to thinking, we take our cars….we pull into the gas station, replenish our tanks, and simply gas up. Many of us never give it a second thought….we unscrew the cap, insert the hose, pay the amount, and drive away. We are not much different than the car that needs gas to run… replenishment too is needed for us to go about our lives.

We daily search for ways to recharge ourselves, both physically and mentally. We look for places in our neighborhoods and on the Internet that are geared towards helping us emotionally. I call these places “Emotional Stations,” and I consider my site one of them. Days can go by and lo and behold we start to feel run down, and, truthfully, running out of gas. We begin to realize that we can only go a little more on the road of life until we have to pull into a rest stop, for a little rest and relaxation, and refueling. Hey, we can only get so far on a low tank before it goes to empty.

So imagine to yourself….a fictitious gas station that we drive to that on the pumps instead of saying “Regular” and “Premium” it says words like “Positive Reinforcement,” “Spiritual Healing,” and a special pump that says, “Blessings and Prayers.” As we fully accept that a car, a home, an airplane, or a train needs energy to run….why is it so inconceivable for some of us to understand that we too need energy? Can you imagine these “Emotional Stations,” on certain street corners? Churches and Places of Worship do fill the void….yet there are so many that while searching get lost. The highway of life can sometimes be a very treacherous road and it’s quite easy to run into a traffic jam. One can sense the beads of sweat dripping from one’s brow while gazing at a gauge on “almost empty.”

Many of the solutions to our problems are right there in front of us….the difficulty is allowing ourselves to see them. That’s why I am a big believer in cross-referencing as a way to put the pieces of life’s puzzles together. Often difficulties facing one subject or idea can simply be transposed onto another situation to arrive at an answer. Cars need gas stations…we need emotional stations. The entrepreneurial spirit can also help us with this dilemma. Some have already started building emotional stations…myself included. Down the road I see my website developing into a full blown emotional station that will include not only words and music, but also film. Today with the advent of the Internet, so much more information is available at the touch of a finger.

So this summer while you’re enjoying your vacation, and periodically gassing up the car, don’t forget to take a little time to visit your emotional stations too.

Happy Motoring,
love, Jennifer Avalon
© 2005 Jennifer Avalon

The New Cutting Edge

There was a time when controversy was generated by artists such as Madonna and Gangsta Rappers….until one day the envelope in that direction had been pushed just about as far as it could go. Well folks, welcome to the new cutting edge, where religious and certain spiritual products are now considered “controversial.” Last year, for months, all you would hear about was the reaction to Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ.” It has now become so cutting edge and controversial that in many places if one was to walk in and say the word, “God,” the sheer silence could become deafening. Political Correctness has now led us to the platform where in some locales saying the word, “Jesus,” can get you in a whole heap of trouble, while in other places the people will embrace you. In 2005, the symbol of cutting edge has become “God.”

As you may have noticed, much of my work involves spiritual overtones…I can honestly tell you for every ten letters I receive praising my work, there is always one that blasts me for having not only any moral compass, but any spiritual viewpoint as well. Christian Persecution and Racism is not only alive and well, but it has become a full occupation for some. I never thought I would ever become in some corners a “controversial” artist…but these days a Christian viewpoint can easily be considered on the fringe. I consider it a badge of honor…I am just one of many who have stepped forward and said “Enough.” For some, it is fine for you to express your opinion as long as you agree with them, but if you veer in any way from their position, you may find very quickly your thoughts will not be tolerated. Welcome to the new cutting edge.

This cutting edge has spilled over into all walks of life….school, work, play, and last but not least, the home. And, there may be hope out there….recently I have heard interviews by some in the general population that they are finding with all the materialism out there they are being left with a sense of emptiness. To quote one woman, “I don’t get it…I have ten times more than my parents, and I’m not half as happy.” Another man said, “I sometimes feel like a ship that’s lost at sea…not knowing where to go, while all around me are pirates.” Unfortunately, these pirates are out to take more than your money…your Soul.

So here I am, Jennifer Avalon, Christian, spiritual, and may I say, self-help artist, who believes that with a little help from above, there is nothing that can’t be accomplished. Truly controversial!! or, “cutting edge!!” If all we do is feed ourselves physically, we can easily die of starvation…but what wonders can we accomplish when the soul is fully nourished?

Living on the edge:)
love, Jennifer Avalon
© 2005 Jennifer Avalon


Many of the e-mails I get involve subjects pertaining to faith, empowerment, emotions, and how overall to continue to evolve in life. There are some things in our lifetime we may never truly understand, so that leaves us with that which we do have some control over. There are many who believe that by not owning one share of stock keeps them out of the stock market. Quite the contrary… if one works, has a mortgage, and pays down debt they are one of the main components of the stock market. On a basic level, we are the CFO (Chief Financial Officer) of our lives… the buck stops with us first.

The CFO of our own lives, you may ask? Yes indeed. We are a physical body that has emotions, and makes multiple choices daily. By not seeing this, and understanding the full range and scope, we are at a tremendous disadvantage over how many of our problems are created and handled. Let me give a few examples of how this scenario works: Each week we work at an occupation which hopefully at the end of a one or two week interval pays us a check for our services. That check is converted into money. Money is our primary financial asset of each week. So stick with me here… picture in your hands the money you have earned for the week. I know… in many cases it doesn’t stay in your hands for very long!… but it’s what we do with it that matters. So, in our hands is the money, and over the coming week we transfer that asset of cash into other assets. Some assets appreciate, while others depreciate. Have a guess…what do you think is the most depreciating asset that is in our lives on a daily basis? Food. Yes I know, we need it to live on… we can’t starve to death! but think for a minute. We go out… we take some of that cash from our hands, buy some food, bring it home, cook it and eat it… and guess what? It’s gone. The money is spent to pay for the food and then one trip to the bathroom and voila! To throw insult to injury, they tell us Americans that we have an obesity problem that is reaching epidemic proportions… well, that’s great to know… that means we are burning through more of our money then usual! It falls upon us to educate ourselves on where all of our money goes… it doesn’t just go away by itself.

Being the CFO of our lives, we know over time we have to balance the books. Yet so many of us get buried in debt. Most of the items we purchase deteriorate in value with age. Yet we still seek out the latest and greatest version with all the bells and whistles. I understand… the car is a more convenient form of transportation than a horse!…but are we aware that once driven out of the showroom, we can cross off half of it’s value? As we look back on our choices over the years, is it any wonder how we can so easily end up with half of the value of that money that was originally held in our hands? Wall Street holds each company to standards to set a fair market value for its stock… the earnings are supposed to increase or the stock gets punished. In our society, the same holds true for the CFO of the household. The more debt we accumulate, the more stress and emotional anxiety. Still, the rich are hated, yet why do so many play the lottery to become one of them? We may never be able to get all that we feel we are entitled to in life, but can we appreciate and enjoy what we already have? How can we enjoy the wonder of our lives if all we do is focus on what is missing?

The wise person on their deathbed listens to what their heart is saying… even though all through their life they may have only heard their own mind. As the Rolling Stones say, “You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you just might find, you get what you need.” There is a CFO within us… that knows, that feels, that understands what the right thing to do is. Choices are sometimes not easy, but it’s not impossible to run a tight ship that shines in the harbor.

Set sail,
love, Jennifer Avalon
© 2005 Jennifer Avalon

Stairway to Heaven

Over the years many have written to me asking how I arrived at my belief system. I am a Christian, but I have on many occasions visited different Houses of Worship. There is something to be learned from all Faiths. Not surprisingly, there are common bonds running through many of them. The discovery of these bonds has only re-enforced my own belief system. So what do I believe? How does it work for me? Well, here goes:

What I have learned is that the Trinity exists. Unfortunately, many preachers, over time, have bent and twisted the Word of God, for their own control and satisfaction. Yet, there are also those who totally understand what it is that Jesus was trying to say. I believe that Faith is a very personal thing. Many of us have our own personal relationship with God. I have always believed that simplicity, most of the time, works best. So simply, the Trinity represents to me God (The Creator, Higher Force), Man (Jesus Christ), and Holy Spirit (Breath and Power of God). It’s as simple as that. What I have learned is that man or woman must embrace the Holy Spirit to form a union with God. The components of life do start to fall into place when these principles are practiced. When Jesus was asked,”Lord, where are you going?”, He answered,”You know the way to the place where I am going.”(John14:4) The Way that Jesus meant was to see His life as a blueprint on how to live. The role of Jesus is a coat we all can wear. Prophets before and after have re-enforced many of the teachings and convictions of Jesus.

As I have said, I am a Christian who prays daily, but I cannot begin to tell you what I have also learned from friends who believe in other Faiths. One of the most profound spiritual experiences I have ever felt was a visit to a Buddhist Monastery in upstate New York. Just walking into the temple, one could easily feel that they were in not only a House of Worship, but a very spiritual surrounding. Perhaps it is because the monks and nuns who pray there many times a day ask for forgiveness for their sins across the spectrum of their lives…in this life, and any past lives they may have had. I have also learned that I have much in common with my Jewish friends. God is all around us, and we all have much to learn. When I visited the Middle East I had much respect for the many calls to prayer of the Muslims… they kneel to God many times daily. Prayer is a wonderful observance to participate in, and observe. We are ALL God’s people… struggling to learn it is not THEM and US… it is WE.

True intelligence is the dance between Man and the Divine. Prayer is our dialogue with God. Faith is when the Ego of Man accepts a Higher Purpose… Peace of Mind is the Gift of Acceptance. One of the hardest obstacles to overcome in life is that death is NOT a punishment. It is a stage of life. Each one of us are called Home at different times. Human existence is one huge school to discover and understand the Stairway to Heaven.

May you discover yours,
love, Jennifer Avalon

© 2005 Jennifer Avalon

The Flavor of Life

The palette is a strange thing indeed…what once tastes fresh, over time can easily become bland. Regardless of the delicacy, the taste of what was once new can surely spiral into decay. So too does our palette for Life…repetition tends to let the air around us grow stale.

Have you ever noticed that after a mild illness or a touch of the flu, your senses, in some strange way, reset themselves? I know for myself after a few days of a bad cold, where I have no desire to eat, once the fever subsides the first spoonfuls of soup that touch my lips feel like a gift from Heaven. Perhaps it is the relief of knowing that I am getting better…but lo and behold all of my senses start to take in information as fresh and as sparkling as the day I was born. One has to wonder, without this realignment taking place periodically, Life can profoundly be taken for granted, for if the beauty lies in the beholder, the flavor rests on the palette.

So how about if we begin to look at ourselves as one walking computer that needs to be depleted of viruses, spam, and pop-up ads, on a regular basis. Our hard drives and memories need to be updated and our monitors wiped down once in a while. Hey if we can do that for our computers, why can’t we do it for ourselves? For if we are well taken care of, when things tend to lose their rhythm all we have to do is hit the reboot button. Automatically, all of the systems would restart and synchronize. Like I said, if it’s good for the computer, it is just as good for us. Eventually, like the PC, we will wear out. But with a little tender, loving care we may be surprised at how many more hours we can squeeze out of our lives.

Carpe Diem,
love, Jennifer Avalon
© 2005 Jennifer Avalon

Pope John Paul II

This week the world lost one of the Champions of Peace…Pope John Paul II. A man of strength and conviction, who called it the way he saw it. This Pope did not withhold his shots…where he saw cruelty and injustice, he made his voice known. With his passing, we will all now be able to see the full scope of the man’s life. Prayers and Blessings to you Pope John Paul II, and may God keep you forever in the palm of His hand.

love, Jennifer Avalon
© 2005 Jennifer Avalon