Recharge the Batteries

A couple of years ago I mentioned to a friend of mine that in a few days it would be my birthday, so he asked me what was I planning to do too celebrate? I told him nothing special, just to try to enjoy the day. He commented that my birthday should be a very special day to me…it’s my day, and that I should do something special for myself. When my birthday arrived I went by myself to see a movie. I realized that taking the time to be alone for a couple of hours was very relaxing and enjoyable, and I returned home feeling quite refreshed. This got me thinking….that it’s very important that a person takes time, even if they can only spare one or two hours a week, to go off by themselves for a walk, or a drive etc…so that they can colllect their thoughts, and let go of some of the stress.

It’s so important that we make the time, once in awhile, to recharge our batteries. It’s good for our health and emotional well-being. Spending time with family and friends is important, but taking time to enjoy life alone can be equally rewarding. It allows us the benefit of relaxing and returning to our loved ones energized and focused. An empty well can only give so much

Spending time alone is not a selfish act, even though some may feel threatened by it. A happier you can give so much more to yourself and to others. Nobody “owns” anybody and although we do have responsibilities in life to those we love there is only so much we can continue to give without feeling exhausted. These days with both parents working and people at times working longer hours the pressure and stress levels can rise to critical proportions. Sometimes it’s just smart to “cool out”.
It’s okay sometimes to take one step back, so you can move two steps forward.

Fill the well,

Jennifer Avalon
© 1997 Jennifer Avalon

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