Preserve Your Memories

Many of us these days live our lives like a rocket, zooming through days, weeks and years stopping for a glance or two to make sure that the coast is clear to continue on at breakneck speed. We rarely wonder if there is ever any evidence left behind to show that we had been at a certain place at a certain time. This time of year many of us enter a season where we get together with friends and family we haven’t seen for quite awhile. We sit around a dinner table saying the same lines and passing the same thoughts as if we’re on automatic pilot. You see, it’s not that we don’t love these people, it’s just that in many cases we either forget to say it, or we feel one day we’ll get around to letting them know how important they are.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if at some point around the dinner table somebody pulled out a video tape or cassette recorder to capture the moments of a special family get-together. I’m not just talking about people joking and laughing, and yes sometimes acting like a bunch of fools, but hearing how we all feel and need each other. It’s not easy to just say how much you love people in front of them, but maybe in some way through our own words we can get the message across. This eventually will take on a life of it’s own. When some of the people have passed on there becomes a record of who they were and how they truly felt. In some way it may help us heal from the pain of our

I have heard of a number of families who are starting to take this kind of thing to heart. Some are going so far as to start a kind of “family library”, containing photographs, documents, cassette recordings, and now videos as a way to show future generations the family tree as a living legacy. My mother recently mailed me a series of cassettes that my maternal grandmother made before she passed on, telling family stories that wove a wonderful fabric of family history and anecdotes. I will treasure these tapes, and will pass them on to my son at some point. You see, my son didn’t
really know his Great-Grandmother… but through these tapes he now will have a better knowledge of who came before him. How many of us truly know the generations who came before us? Do you know how your great-Grandfather was? How he looked, and what he did to pass the time? Don’t feel bad if you don’t….so few of us do. These family records are important… and what a joy to look back on.

So this Holiday season as you spend time with loved ones, and as you pull out the camera to take pictures, turn on the video or cassette recorder….with time it just becomes more and more valuable.

Take the time to preserve,

Jennifer Avalon
© 1997 Jennifer Avalon

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