The Soul

The core of a human being, the essence of what we all represent, is centered in the Soul. Our purpose for existence, our reason to breathe the air day after day, springs forth from the Soul. The Soul justifies our reason for being. If all we are is flesh and bone, then one day they turn to dust and we are gone. All that is left are the memories we leave behind. The Soul is the part of us that journeys on……

For me, the Soul answers many questions…why should I care to try to be a good person, why bother doing anything….what difference will my life make in the great span of things. The Soul gives credence to Goodness. The Soul is like a little visual tape recorder…..running constantly inside us, taping everything. One day the tape will be played back, and hopefully, we can bear what we see and hear. The Soul is one with the universe, with nature, with mankind, and with God.

Without a Soul, there is no reason and no meaning for pain, tears, weakness, and fear. Without the Soul how do we justify the years we spend on this planet. Our Soul is the core of who we are…..the learning component that can help us perform miracles.

The Soul is everything we have ever been, and everything we will ever be. The part of us that is eternal. The simplest way to see a Soul is to look into the eyes of a newborn baby, and into the eyes of a dying person. One entering….one leaving. A planet of Souls, spinning through space, enveloped by Heaven…….

From one Soul to Another,

Jennifer Avalon
© 2000 Jennifer Avalon

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